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The Instapass modification for GTA San Andreas (PC) by XAR.
What is it?
It is a modified main.scm where failure criteria and time limitations for all missions have been removed. The only mission that may not be failed is End Of The Line part III. Gameplay is not affected in any way - if you wish to do missions you will pass the usual way. If you do not wish to do a certain mission simply fail the mission by destroying the mission vehicle, killing yourself or a mission essential NPC, or get busted.

What is the point of all this?
For fun basically. I made this for quick practice for certain missions and ended up coding it for all missions. Some of you will not like it - this is for those that do. Who knows it may introduce a whole new competitive category: cheatrunning.

* MiniGun drop at the Grove behind the basketball court
* MiniGun drop at the San Fierro Garage
* MiniGun drop at the Verdant Meadows airstrip

Modification directories: (each module can work independently without the other)
modloader\Xar Instapass
- This is the main modification as described above. It also contans a small annoyance I fixed in the Black Jacket from Victim where some white was showing at the bottom which looked ridiculous. The jacket is now perfect. Do not want that? Delete gta3.img from this directory.

modloader\XI Boiling Coffee
- Fully nude Carl and Girlfriends during sex.

modloader\XI Casino+Rap Assets
- After signing the partnership contract with Woozie in "Fish in a Barrel" you will receive an "actual" piece of the Golden Dragon Casino and after recovering Madd Doggs rhyme book in "Cut Throat Business" you will receive an "actual" piece of the rap game business. Both these money assets should logically have been programmed by RockStar but were not. I feel it completes the game that's why I added this modification.

modloader\XI Catalina Humiliation
- Hides Catalina's clothes which makes her company a little more bearable. If like me you cannot stand the bitch then you may find it also interesting that you can now blow her up during her missions and pass. The initial dialogue should be more like Calalina: "Where's your car?" -CJ: "Where's your clothes?".

modloader\XI Tools
* Drop all weapons - press 0 and O together
* Transport to marker - press Z and X to transport to the map marker
* Grove 4 Life loop - press G and B to start/stop instawinning zones for the Grove. Recommended to be initiated just before you start the "Grove 4 Life" mission and switch it off again after EOTL. Once all missions are done it is nice to race around Los Santos on a NRG with the loop on and painting the town green.

For more information please read Instapass.Readme.txt.

XAR - Christmas 2018.

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Xar Instapass
Xar Instapass Xar Instapass Xar Instapass Xar Instapass

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