State Of War Ver2

Autor: Lerroy
Datum: 25.11.2018
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San Andreas is now no longer one state.It's now becoming different state
which mean,each city got their own government and military.And also new
state has born which is Bayside.Bayside is now an autonomy state of SF.At
the beginning all states have good relationship with each other but due to high tension,all of them broke their relationships and more worse declare war on each other. Unfortunately LS is effected the worse cuz both SF and LV declare war on LS.So,do your duty to protect LS from SF and LV aggression.Btw,they also fighting with each other at the same time as well.

this mod
basically is update ver of my mod State of War.I decide to upgrade it.The concept basically the same.With this mode,you can create a war type of gta movie .yeah,also work on dyom.

new features:
-tank,armour and helicopter are more stronger and can't be destroy by bullets
-infantry have more health and awareness
-The troops that coming down from the rope will shoot at you if you shoot
them back.
-The troops on the tanks and armour are more aggressive.
-Add non stop carpet bomb and artillery barrage.Even if you inside
interior,you can feel it.

i include zombie mod.So,you can play like wwz style.

important to readme first.Enjoy the greatest war and tank battle in SA history!!!!

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State Of War Ver2
State Of War Ver2 State Of War Ver2 State Of War Ver2 State Of War Ver2 State Of War Ver2 State Of War Ver2

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