Return to Steelport Remake (SAxVCxLC)

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This mission is fully remaked for the mission of return to Steelport, I trying finding the standard SA models that fit through Saints Row: The Third characters and gangs. Groves were Luchadores, Triads were Deckers and businessmen were Morningstars. Big Bear was a Brute, Jizzay was Zimos, OG Loc was Pierce, fat dude was Oleg.

I add checkpoints which in case you failed the mission, and yes it's San Andreas version like it's not as Saints Row: The Third-ish when you easily be killed by a minigun brute if you aim at him.

To play ths mission just type "sr3" to start, to abort the mission type "exit" it will immediately say fail the mission but don't reset checkpoints until you pass the mission.

This was only for LCxVCxSA that takes places in Vice City. (For now) Just download this required mod to use.

In fact I just put open adjust limiter without the ini file, to use more gangs in the fight, custom animations for grabbing patrons.

For Underground Snapshot 3 or higher, this mission might crash (mostly with melee attacks if someone is unarmed tries to attack someone) = Haven't tested yet.

For San Andreas there's no yet a perfect fit for interiors by far locations. ~Either Jefferson motel or Jizzy's dome will Safeward like maybe.

Following Loren's death and the apparent end of The Syndicate,[1] the Saints return to Stilwater to have a funeral for Johnny Gat. They are stalled in traffic due to the Hughes Memorial Bridge opening ceremony being unveiled by Monica Hughes in memory of her husband and the main antagonist of the first Saints Row, Richard Hughes. It is interrupted as the Luchadores pull a surprise attack on the Saints. The Saints attempt to escape, but Killbane and other Luchadores from afar send them into the water with Annihilator RPGs. There, the Saints discuss returning to Steelport to take down the rest of The Syndicate, with Oleg stating that he knows a couple of people who also hate The Syndicate and want to destroy it. Monica, angered over the sudden loss of her husband's bridge due to gang warfare, orders an emergency session at United States Congress, beginning the later formation of STAG.

The Saints look for a former FBI agent named Kinzie Kensington; they discover she is being held captive by the Deckers aboard a barge and free her.

After being freed, Kinzie sends The Protagonist and Pierce to Safeword, a BDSM club, to find a pimp named Zimos. Pierce and The Protagonist head over there and shake down a couple patrons and the manager to find out where they are hiding Zimos and then they go down in to the basement to free him. Zimos is tied up in front of a Pony Cart and the group need to hurry so they ride out of there on the rickshaw with Zimos as the horse.

When they lose the Morningstar chasing them, The Protagonist and Pierce untie Zimos and go onto their next person of interest: Angel De LaMuerte, an old enemy of Killbane. The Protagonist and Zimos head over to Angel's Gym and clear out the attacking Luchadores. Oleg arrives to help out. Together, The Protagonist, Zimos, Oleg and Angel repel the attacking Luchadores and Brutes.

At an undisclosed Syndicate location, Killbane takes it upon himself to lead The Syndicate in Loren's place and orders Viola and Kiki DeWynter to do "Something. Anything!" before he wonders why he keeps "[those] bookends around". At the Saints HQ, The Protagonist gives a rousing speech to the Saints, echoing the speeches made in "Reclamation" and "Three Kings", ending with the familiar "It's our time now. Let's get this shit started".

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Return to Steelport Remake (SAxVCxLC)
Return to Steelport Remake (SAxVCxLC) Return to Steelport Remake (SAxVCxLC) Return to Steelport Remake (SAxVCxLC) Return to Steelport Remake (SAxVCxLC)

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