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Mind Control Girl v.1 (PC)

Autor: Alvian9xpro | Email
Datum: 20.09.2018
Downloads: 8329 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 30.8 KB

10.00 bei 3 Bewertungen

New Version Updated . Check it on : Here v.14
See Video Here !

Mind control girl Pc v.1

( for android version i will try to make more soon , this mod base from mind control girl android version )

This mods allows you to control any female ped you want to . You can make innocent people do any weird and l3wd things when you control her and you can possess the ped and your stat will change after that ,

Easy Guide Check on alvian9xpro file in rar for more information

Features :
-Control ped , manipulate her moves
-Animation ( more than 100 anim you can try it )
-On foot and in vehicle action
-Actor option , Possession , teleport .
-Change fighting style and weapon
-Other , shorcut guide available inside the game
-Keyboard function ( check shorcut guide on Other option )
-and many other

This mod still on update version so wait for next update in future !

Skin from : Gtainside
Cleo name : Controller.cs

Other Mod By Me :
Easter Bay Boss v.1
Juggernaut Dash v.1

Have Fun

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Mind Control Girl v.1 (PC)
Mind Control Girl v.1 (PC) Mind Control Girl v.1 (PC) Mind Control Girl v.1 (PC)

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