GTA: Los Saints Return Mission#5 FORGIVEN? (DYOM)

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It's time ... to prove to Emmett ... that I'm not a patan ........... Mike V / S Emmet ....... Mike, wakes up with a doubt, and is how can Emmet do not think he is a good for nothing, in that, Mike thinks about calling Emmet and ask where he is, because if we know very well, the alley of Emmet was closed by the police or rather, prohibited for them to Emmet!
Emmet then tells Mike that he is in Groove territory or is in Groove Street, although nothing happens, since Emmet has colleagues there, as we saw in 1992, Mike when he arrives, he talks to Emmet about all the policemen he had to kill, something that Mike had never done, as it is very risky and something that Mike does not usually do (kill), in which Emmet responds to our protagonist with great sincerity, who is not more grateful to make him not rot in jail and almost die, but ... Emmet clear that he will put his son's home, to see if he is a more risky Mike, so he tries it with his aim:
-Shooting ability (aim)


WTF! Emmet challenged Mike to confront one by one, so Mike says he will give everything and it does not matter if he kills him, Emmett accepts it.

After the shooting between an AK-47 and an M-4, Emmet tells his son that he is proud to follow in his footsteps as he realized he is very good with weapons!

Do not forget to give me even one rating to continue with this fabulous series!

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GTA: Los Saints Return Mission#5 FORGIVEN? (DYOM)

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