First Person V3.0 (Fixed)

Autor: BoPoH (Voron295)
Datum: 14.04.2018
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On the site there is such a mod, but after installing the MOD, producing an error, as it was found out because a file FirstPerson. sp. I decided to make perezaliv this mod from another site. I checked the MOD works fine. Enjoyable game! Note: it is important to install the MOD and then only install ASI Loader. What's new (v3.0)-FP is now a plugin, not a CLEO script; -Added compatibility with versions 1.1 and 3.0 (Steam) GTA SA; -First-person mode Now replaces the camera mode from car bumper; -Now available red markers mission; -Now you can rotate 180 degrees of the camera at the car in any direction; -Fixed the invisibility of pedestrians that you have; -Fixed bug with shadows; -Added support for commercials and script cameras; -Fixed some poses in the car; -Fixed scaling when you work with a sniper rifle or camera; -Fixed reset camera rotation when leaving the machine; -Added ability to watch in hand through the Q and E; -Added ability to look back; -Improved the position of the camera; -Fixed bug with invisible particles, when you're in the car; -Added the ability to go back and sides; -Lots of minor fixes; -Added settings menu, where you will find the following options:-shift the camera while walking (saves separately for each skin); -Shift the camera in the car (saving separately for each model of car); -Field of view; -Change around the plane; -Enable/disable rotation player using the camera; -Turn on/off the camera rotation on the sides when you press Q or E. The modification supports versions 1.0, 1.1, and 3.0. Management: repeatedly press V to include first-person mode. Press it again to turn off. Press Alt + B to open the settings menu. Press it again to turn off. The author of the modification-BoPoH (Voron295). Special thanks to:-DK22Pac and DenSpb for their help in developing-Festo for logo-Alexey_Move for testing and creating video presentations.

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First Person V3.0 (Fixed)
First Person V3.0 (Fixed) First Person V3.0 (Fixed) First Person V3.0 (Fixed) First Person V3.0 (Fixed)

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