The Train Will Not Disappear After Traveling From You

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Datum: 11.11.2017
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Often in the game it happens that you see the train, you want, but you do not have time to catch up with him, and he disappears a bit after he disappeared and disappears behind the corner. Then you go by car on rails in the hope of catching up, but alas.
This CLEO script will not allow the train to disappear after it has departed far. With it, you can find a car and easily catch up with it and intercept it. Here is such a simple, but useful modification.
Screenshots of the meaning of the script is difficult to describe, since the train at this distance is usually behind the field of visibility, so I picked up for you a couple of beautiful screenshots.
The most important feature of the script is that the distance on which the trains will start to disappear, you can put in the ctrltraindestroydist.ini file, which, together with the script file, should be placed in the CLEO folder.

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The Train Will Not Disappear After Traveling From You
The Train Will Not Disappear After Traveling From You

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