San Andreas Opened Up and Maxxed Skills

Autor: evolutionX
Datum: 09.10.2017
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Hey peeps!!
I'm back again!! after a year of not playing SA because of time conflicts.
I brought to you this script.

This script contains following:

Free safehouses (yes, you can buy them for free)
Max Weapon Skills, Max Driving, Flying, Cycling and bike skills; Max Muscle and zero fat, Max Lung Capacity
Rhino and Hydra will spawn near your safehouse (just like what u did 100 complete your game)
BMX will not be used in first mission, the Mountain bike will be used instead.
You are millionaire at the start.
Mod garage unlocked *You can also mod Emergency Vehicles (Enforcer, Ambulan etc)
Sea Sparrow triggers Vigilante Missions

This mod is in alpha version, so bugs will be expected.
You cannot do vehicle submissions after you enter the mod garage (Hotknife in Pimping, Emergency Vehicles in their respective missions) I don't know because I'm a newbie in scripting this game..
I recommend not to go to mod garage with that vehicle or the submission will not work :(

You can upload this mod in other sites! But do not change the author!
Source Code included. I

Replace files in your GTA SA Data folder (main.scm and script.img must be in script folder, and IDE files (required) must be inside the data folder also, replacing the default ide's.
or Install with modloader for easy installation and uninstallation.

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San Andreas Opened Up and Maxxed Skills
San Andreas Opened Up and Maxxed Skills San Andreas Opened Up and Maxxed Skills San Andreas Opened Up and Maxxed Skills

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