Marie & Julie Story

Autor: Pimenov
Datum: 08.09.2017
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This mod adds a story of two girls: Marie and Julie
The story consists of 8 missions.

1) Julie called Marie to the nearest Well Stacked Pizza Co. to CJ's house. Reach the goal in 1 minute. You will drive a "Kurmin" car.

2) Marie came to Well Stacked Pizza Co. and saw the trailer to the "Juncuevo" car. But the car has been stolen. You must help Julie to find this car in the forest next to Dillimore. Once entered the car, quickly go away, the thugs will shoot! Then go to the bridge to San Fierro on the west of Los Santos. Marie asks you to hook up the trailer and go to Verona Beach. Time Limit: 8 minutes.

3) Julie travelled to Las Venturas and gave Marie an "Atyapin" car. She asked to use the shortest way to Caligula's Palace and pass 3 checkpoints in 12 minutes.

4) The LV Police disliked both girls and arrested Marie. Julie must enter the van and go to the police department. You must enter the police department, get on the bike, get Marie out of jail and she will get into the boot of the "Kurmin" car. Enter the "Kurmin" quickly, the police will shoot!!! Then go towards Pilson Intersection. Time Limit: 5 minutes.

5) Marie must find a Chinese car in the Restricted area. Enter in in 7 minutes and grab the jetpack. Quickly fly towards the silvery SUV (it is called "Pozd", the FBI says) and quickly move for 2m!!!

6) Julie is getting chased by the FBI so you must respray the "Pozd" car in Dillimore. The car is provided with bullet-proof windows so it won't burn. Then Marie asks to meet her in the forest in Flint County. She says that she is getting attacked by an evil wolf. Grab the gun and kill the wolf. But Marie will fight the wolf together with you so it's easier to ram the wolf using a car. Do NOT kill Marie or the mission will be failed!!! Time Limit: 9 minutes.

7) Marie is getting chased by the FBI. Help Julie to get her in 6 minutes from the Easter Basin Naval Station. The FBI will start to chase you too so quickly go to the Pay n' Spray to stop the FBI. Then meet Marie at Cranberry Station.

8) Julie already parked all cars from the story (except "Kurmin") in Hashbury. Marie must enter the "Kurmin" and reach the final goal in 2 minutes.

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Marie & Julie Story

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