ENB Series

Alfa Graphics for Low PC

Autor: Balach, DIMEN, Boris Voronsov | Email
Datum: 20.08.2017
Downloads: 44021 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 13.154 MB

10.00 bei 10 Bewertungen

Author of ENB settings: Balach
Authors of some effects: DIMEN, Angeas
Author of ENB Series: Boris Voronsov

- This ENB Settings made for PC with LOW Specs
- This ENB was tested by many people and its looked different on different PCs
- Didn't working on Windows 8/10
- For Turning On / Off use Shift + F12 keys combination
- Game brightness should be setted at the lowest level on Game Settings

ENB Features:
- Based on ENB 0.306 (one dll file)
- Pretty color spectrum
- New timecyc
- Nice and Soft Shadows
- Adjusted Water Settings
- Qualitative Bloom Settings (with turning on may be a litte FPS lost)
- Added DoF Settings (1-3 FPS Lost)
- Added exdisp.asi и flickr.asi plugins
- PerPixelLighting(cleo) included

Known bugs & issues:
- Reflections on cars are too specular (impossible to fix)
- On some PCs maybe causes bugs with performance - FPS shows 30-35, but in the game only 5-7 FPS
- When installing the SaGFX 0.3 option, some cars will be completely white, since they don't support the modification itself
- When setting the SaGFX 0.3 option, Don't turn on DoF, since it does not work correctly with GFX itself

Special Thanks:
- Alfa Modding Studio
- Boris Vorontsov - for ENB Series
- Hanan-SRB - for testing, advices
- Mad Driver - for English translation of ReadMe file, testing, advices
- Angeas - for SaGFX settings, advices
- JesusVHS - for testing, advices, screenshots
- DIMEN - for helping with ENB Settings, testing, advices and video-review
- D.Alekseevich - for testing, advices, screenshots
- And all others who helps me and wathing for this project

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Alfa Graphics for Low PC
Alfa Graphics for Low PC Alfa Graphics for Low PC Alfa Graphics for Low PC Alfa Graphics for Low PC Alfa Graphics for Low PC Alfa Graphics for Low PC Alfa Graphics for Low PC

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