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Another Timecyc

Autor: AK636
Datum: 19.08.2017
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Dateigröße: 1.172 MB

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Another timecyc for you to try out.

To enable the mod: Extract the file, and copy/paste the timecyc.dat in the data folder at:
internal files/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/flies/data (<-- paste in data folder)

After that, completely stop the app on your device (so also from the apps in the background) if you haven't already, and restart the game.

Disable the mod: delete the timecyc.dat file and restart the game.

What a timecyc does: it basicly edits the weather system. So the color of the sky, amount and color of light, fog, color correction etc is determined by this file. And that for eight time periods of the day for every weather type and every region of San Andreas.

The draw distance is not too big so it doesn't hinder performance too much. Screenshots were taken on a Samsung Galaxy S7.

The mod was created with TimecycSA ( You can edit this file with that program to your liking. If you decide to publish the edited file, please leave a link to this file as well. Thanks and enjoy!

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Another Timecyc
Another Timecyc Another Timecyc Another Timecyc Another Timecyc Another Timecyc Another Timecyc Another Timecyc

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