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Autor: venom mods,Dream H,hjp533
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Datum: 04.06.2015
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The worlds Biggest Drift Map OF
Gta San Andreas
by:the stealthy CHINA and power full PAKISTAN

Fantasy Hill race maps V2.0.2

Author: »ÃÏëH(Dream H),hjp533
edited texture by :venom mods

This map is a hill-road map for SA, it based on a Chinese mountain.
This is my 2nd Map-MOD after "Shanghai International Circuit MAPS".

There're all kinds of curve, Downhill and Uphill, the conditions is
very complex.

The length of the track is 5 times than "Shanghai International Circuit MAPS", for
entire process, it will take your at least 8 min or more. -_-!
It's a long long tourism!

The position of the entrance is near of my last map, it has been a
beacon to the right side of the bridge that covers all the department
of that part.

I have the idea of this map one year ago, but it was stoped after I
finished works about half of map. I have put a preview in my own forum
1 year ago. All of my friends were cared about this map and always
asked me about process, since then. I was been made a sensation for
these. So I decided to back to my work and finish this map.
Anyway, I will be very happy if you, people feel happy.

(Thanks everyone who always concerned about this map, you will not
disappointed! And Special thanks Dewalk28, thanks for help.)

1.Reclamation. :P The election is still lie to the place of Ferris
wheel. Many maps were choose that place for mod, it seems that R¡ï
leave a large place on purpose. :) it's a natural Deepwater port.

2.Complex mountain-road. There're Uphill, Downhill, U-Turn, S-Bend,
W-Bend, M-Bend, L-Bend, V-Bend and G-Bend, and so on...

3.Ultra-long. It's 5 times length than "Shanghai International Circuit MAPS".

4.More than 10 kinds of texture of trees. There're common trees in
northern China such as willow, pine and dense forests.

5.Two main peak of the mountain. Two entrance.

6.In the 1st main peak. There have a Street named Wind and Fantasy
Pedstrain. There have a inn with Cinese style, a China National Pertoleum
gas Station, a pavilion named Booth wind, park and a square.
About the 2nd main peak. It's lower and flat than 1st one, there have
luxury villas, it above the sea where between the lighthouse and iron

7.The best route: into the 1st entrance-->to the 1st main peak-->then
down-->to a small plain-->up to hill-->leading to 2nd main peak-->down
to the 2nd entrance.

8.Tunnel. There're 2 tunnels, but don't worry, it's not too long.

9.There's a slip rood situated in a big V-bend between 2 mountains, and
one leading to the lighthouse, it's off in the middle of the road, but
you can through it with high-speed.

10.The open space of 2nd peak is reserved for luxury villas.

11.This map is a technology-hill, it's best for dirft, and also good
for drive.

12.And don't forget there's a beautiful scenery, beautiful landcapes,
mountians and river(water is from SA, :P haha it's free~:))

Before install: remember! you should backup the files! :)

1.Copy the gta.dat to "*:\GTA-SA\data\"

2.Copy the hjphill to "*:\GTA_SA\data\maps\"

3.It's done and Now you can enjoy the map, have fun! :)

This hill is lie to the Ferris wheel. I upgraded the texture of trees
and the vinformation of Bulletin board in V2.0.2.

=Copyright statement=
* This map copyrighted in "Fantasy Hill race maps V2.0.2".

* Modify is strictly prohibited.

* You need get my permission to modify the texture of this map.

editor :- [email protected]
(texture editor)
2.Video of the Hill:
(The author of this video: ntls32 )

2.MOD section of Netshow:
(moderator of this section, "»ÃÏëH")

3.E-mail: [email protected];[email protected];[email protected]

4.QQ: 41608766
Fantasy Hill race maps V2.0.2 Copyright © 2008 by »ÃÏëH(Dream H)(Venom mods).
Reserved the right to update the map.

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