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Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria

Autor: RestractPrime
Datum: 18.05.2021
Downloads: 15661
Dateigröße: 174.619 MB

9.97 bei 38 Bewertungen

RestractPrime present to you Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria Project !

Credit Of Source :
- Rockstar , Rockstar North
tool to extract : CodeWalker , OpenIV , 3ds Max, Photoshop
- Sketchfab for mostly of free 3d sources

My Helper :
ayumi-chizuru189 (Special Thank's to him for helping me with Scripting. He's the one who done the Ferris Wheel and Rocket Ride Animation and Rideable , also basically he done all Script/CLEO for this project)

How To Install :
Main Files :
Drag And Drop Modloader to GTA SA Directory
or Drag And Drop 5 Folders to Modloader's Folder

Make Sure you didn't install another Map Mod with the same ID's
if you understand about ID's in IDE you can just change those ID's to another free ID's

-Fixed due not compatible to SKYGFX ( transparent texture)
-Fixed weird visible LODs
-Fixed 2dfx wrong placed
New Fix
-Fixed some of texture have no mipmapping
-Fixed Beachut spawn lifeguard not on correct position
-Resize some texture

Requirement :
III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster Link Download :

Features Of Maps :
- HQ Model ✓
- NVC ✓
- Prelight ✓
- 2dfx ✓
- UV Anim ✓
- Object Anim ✓
- LOD ✓
- Collision ✓
- Vanilla Shadow ✓
- Environment Ambiance ✓
- Ferris Wheel Ride ✓
- Rocket Ride ✓
- Pedestrian Spawn Around Pear Pier ✓
- Beach Hut ✓
- Lifeguard at Beach Hut ✓

Honoroable Mention :
- Hysen (who helped me with improving textures and giving me advices)
- Healer
- Dotexe
- Lascha2nd
- Ethmods
- Infernus
- Cynthia
- Junior Djjr
- Zeneric
- Paixetamour (SKYGFX bug reporter)
and Everyone Who Joined My Discord :)

It's been 2 Years for i worked on this project,i'm sorry it took so long to finish this project , but i'm happy that i could finaly finished it and also released it :D
hope you guys enjoy the mod :')

Please apprciate my 2 Years Work with :
Don't repost this mod without my permission
Don't re-release my mod without my permission such as : convert it to android version and release it.
Don't Steal this mod

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Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria
Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria Pearl Pier Of Santa Maria

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