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GTA 5 Declasse Granger FIB

Autor: M4k3, Rockstar Games
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Datum: 24.01.2016
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GTA 5 Declasse Granger FIB converted and edited to GTA San Andreas by M4k3.
Original model and textures: Rockstar Games.

2 versions are included: ImVehFt version (requires ImVehFt installed) and SA styled version.


  • Replaces FBIranch by default.
  • Custom collision and flat shadow.
  • Chassis_vlo from GTA V.
  • GTA SA styled numberplates.
  • Damageable parts with scratches.
  • Supports paintjobs (template included).
  • Works in SAMP (no sinking wheels, doesn't crash in tuning etc) if replaced by default.
  • Mip-mapping for some textures.
  • Has visible petrol cap.
  • Realistic material settings (not very shiny interior, plastic parts, tyres compared to chrome parts, windows, lights).
  • Custom police lights settings (ImVehFt 2.1.1)
ImVehFt version:
  • Requires ImVehFt 2.1.1 (fully working lights, working steering wheel, brake hubs, custom colours, GTA IV styled dirt on recolorable body and chrome parts).
  • Custom reflections (adapted for GFXhack).
  • HQ interior.
  • Active Dashboard 3.2.1 support (speedometer, gauges, window wipers).
  • 3 car colors support (primary - body paint, secondary - unused, tertiary - wheels, quaternary - windows tint).
SA styled version:
  • GTA SA styled reflections.
  • Supports (not requires) ImVehFt.
  • Low DFF and TXD sizes.
  • GTA SA styled scratches, lights.
  • 1 car color support.

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GTA 5 Declasse Granger FIB
GTA 5 Declasse Granger FIB GTA 5 Declasse Granger FIB GTA 5 Declasse Granger FIB GTA 5 Declasse Granger FIB

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