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Mazda RX-8 Reventon Itasha Vocaloid Miku

Autor: DarkPower202 ft. raptorZ94
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Datum: 12.12.2015
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MAZDA RX-8 Reventon Itasha Vocaloid Miku (Enhanced) v3.0

The Enhanced Version of the Mazda RX-8 Reventon Mod!

Original Model By : Juiced 2, SHIFT 2
Edited By : raptorZ94, DarkPower202
ReTextured By : Silent.Hunter, DarkPower202, raptorZ94
Collisions By : raptorZ94, DarkPower202

Old & Original Based Car Can Be Found Here :

Features :
-Car Damages
-Some Colorable Parts (New)
-Optimized Handling
-ENB Support (Finished)
-ImVehFt Support (Buggy)
-Custom Car Paintjob/Texture (W.I.P)

Known Bugs & Upcoming Update :
-Car Damages Shows No Damage Texture If Used Paintjob (Still trying to find for solution. [v5.0])
-Damaged Right Door Rotation Bug (Will Be Fixed. [v4.0])
-Small Spoiler (Anyone has good suitable spoiler? Please send it to us [v4.0])
-Some Lights were too dimmed, (Dummy Problem. [v5.0])
-The Car Causes FPS Drop Sometimes (We've copied the same model mesh and used it as LOD Model, We're still trying to minimize the quality. [v4.0])
{Update : We removed the LOD Model for a while, We'll add it back soon.. You won't get any lags}

-TXD File Size Too Big (Again, Copied the same body material and used it as Car Damages [v5.0])
{Status : Delayed}

We've included 'Euros1.TXD' (Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Paintjob)
Now You can Use Paintjob on Transfender/Wheels Arch Angel!
More Paintjobs Coming Soon, You can make one if you want.
Paintjob Template Is Included

Also The Old One 'Euros.TXD' (Car Damage Colors Problems Are Fixed) {Called It MikuBase}
Its Located Inside 'MikuBase' Folder Directory,

You are allowed to share this Modifications to anyone.
You are not allowed to Modify this Modification without permission from us!

Contact Us :
Facebook =
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E-Mail = [email protected]
E-Mail2 = [email protected]

Copyright (C) 2015 The Vocaloid ProJect [202]

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Mazda RX-8 Reventon Itasha Vocaloid Miku
Mazda RX-8 Reventon Itasha Vocaloid Miku Mazda RX-8 Reventon Itasha Vocaloid Miku Mazda RX-8 Reventon Itasha Vocaloid Miku

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