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Peugeot 307cc BMS Edition

Autor: Tasso 3D and Junior_Djjr
Datum: 15.07.2012
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Author Url: - Scripts - Model - the best modders of Brazil together

Peugeot 307cc BMS Edition (multifunctional)... the current car more functional, complete and realistic! created by only two people (Tasso3D and Junior_Djjr) members of team Brazilian Modding Studio
The thing is no more "GTA IV to SA, " is now "GTA SA to V"!

List of all functions of the car
-Open and close the roof like a GTA V with 4 parts moving smoothly
-4 fully controllable electric windows, and as always, with smooth movements
-Gear knob moves with the current gear of the car and with CJ making animations
Other highlights:
-Steering wheel that moves exactly with the wheel of the car and the hand of CJ
-Engine fan runing
-Speedometer in dashboard
-Windshield wiper moving realistically
-Dashboard lights with the car light
-Complete damage system with 9 parts
-Xenon Headlights
-Hand of CJ in the correct position on the steer
-Handling of the car fully customized with low acceleration and high top speed (to give it more like running with the car looking at the pointers moving the panel, and still be able to slowly cruise him through the city)
Artificial Intelligence
-Almost all people who pass the car stop, stare and say things like "nice car" "i love this car", and are the main targets of robbers (big monetary valor)
-When you open or close the roof of the car, the near person will put the hand in the mouth, pointing to the car so amazed etc...
-At any time, a street 307cc will open or close the roof of the car independently (with rarity to make realistic)
-When it rains, the street 307cc will close the roof (if open) and turn on the windshield wiper
Weak points
-Replaces the Stratum, but he is not tuner
-In PC's with weak processors, the car can take a freeze on the screen when loading the car for the first time in the game, then will not happen anymore
-Electric front door windows when there are wide open, are not pretty seeing the inside of the car or with the door open, but it's just a visual bug
-Depending on the position of the camera, the glass transparency bugs
-Not compatible with SA-MP
-Drivers of 307cc's on the street will not move to switch gears because the gta sa engine, the street cars never change gears!
-The car will always appear with the roof closed
-When CJ shift gears, it will stop moving the steering wheel one second to move the gear knob (only the arm of CJ, the steering wheel still turns)
-While the roof is opening/closing, the windshield wipers do not move

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Peugeot 307cc BMS Edition

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