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Schyster Warwick

Autor: Crack Yo' Neck
Datum: 20.06.2024
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Schyster Warwick by Crack Yo’ Neck.

Original workshop version. The file contains three variants of the car: Civilian, Beater and SFPD.

SA style / low poly / lore friendly.

Handling lines included. All files are original.

These files were first uploaded HERE on gtainside and NOT on If you see them uploaded elsewhere, it means they were downloaded from here. All credits goes to Crack Yo’ Neck, not someone else.

Long story short:
Crack Yo’ Neck / craccosan got fed up of the community after some of his mods were leaked on different websites and some others were used without his permission. He decided to leave the modding scene and delete his entire workshop, over 70 vehicles, punishing everyone in the process. Since I got all of his public vehicles before the closure and since there was no other way to get them otherwise, I decided to repair this mistake and make them available again for everyone. Have a good game.

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Schyster Warwick
Schyster Warwick

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