Freightliner Coronado 70" Raised Roof SleeperCab 2003-2005 & Semi Trailer

Autor: Avant
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Datum: 31.12.2019
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Dateigröße: 65.226 MB

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Model weight is >30 mb, it's can make FPS drops on weak computers. Vehfuncs version can make your game
unstable. It can cause crashes and freezes, in this case, try installing scripts from "scripts" folder and/or
IVF/HQLM version of truck, and report me. The track and the trailer is not tested with other trucks/trailers and
the work is not guaranteed, reports about wrong work with other models will be ignored. Please, check out the
bug list (and a solve for some of them) in "Known bugs" folder. Vehfuncs version of truck is not compatible
with IVF 2.0.2! Use 2.1.1 and standart carcols file for right color and company decals work. Drive safely!

Truck tractor:
Original model by: SoftLab-NSK (Rig'n'Roll)
Rework and convert to ETS 2: Stas556, dmitry68
Enginebay made from zero by: Avant
Engine made from zero by: Avant
Some parrts for engine: RED HAWK
Radiator made from zero by: StratenSurf
Front suspention by: Avant
Chassis and rear suspention:, Avant
Radios by: StratenSurf, Avant
Wheels by: Avant, SCS Software (ATS)
Screenshots by: Maxim Balach
Details and textures for extras: Avant, Rockstar Games
Steering wheels by: Avant, SCS Software (ATS)
Paintjobs by: rush58
Brochure by: Avant
Textures by: Avant, thanks for help Mark Greenwald
General rework, whole model retexture, interior rework: Avant
Convert to GTA SA, adaptations and rework: Avant

Replace: Linerunner

Original model by: SCS Software (ATS)
Wheels by: SCS Software (ATS), Avant
Trailer liveries by: Avant
Convert to GTA SA, adaptations and rework: Avant

Replace: Artict1

Thanks to:
StratenSurf - for modelling some parts, advises, car testing and help in finding bugs
Mad_Driver - for advises, car testing and help in finding bugs
rush58 - for wheel and hubcaps textures, car testing and help in finding bugs
Shady311 - for advises
Mark Greenwald - for baking some parts
Maxim Balach - for screenshots and video review, vehicle testing
Junior_Djjr - for Vehfuncs script, help due to development, tests
kenking - for interior light and sunroofs scripts
izerli - for AD script
DK22Pac - for IVF script
...sorry, if i forgot someone. Please, write me, your work mustn't be forgotten.

- Qualitative body
- Qualitative interior
- Qualitative engine
- Qualitative underbody
- Two-color painting (first - body, second - lower trim)
- 3 paintjobs and template for own paintjobs (not working)
- Damage for all parts
- SA Plates
- Own realistic settings
- Own collision and shadow
- Own chassis_vlo
- 110% Scale
- IVF Adaptation 2.1.1: steering wheel, stop-lights, turn-lights, foglights, rear lights
- AD (АПП) Adaptation 3.2.1: speedometer, tahometer, fuel level, engine temperature, clock, oil pressure, ampermeter, voltmeter, working radiator fan in HQML/IVF versions, cardans, wipers
- Vehfuncs Adaptation 1.4 beta: extras, companies decals, different car trims, different wheels (6 kits), different radios, different mudflaps, different radio sets, different rear wings, different position of rear sleeper, scuffs on buttons, different seats, different electronics in the sleeper, working radiator fan and engine pulleys in Vehfuncs version, wobbling engine, working gas pedal, working brake pedal
- Interior Light Script Adaptation: interior light (U button)
- Manholes Adaptation: driver sunvisor (Num / + Num 1)
- Dashboard and interior buttons illumination (Vehfuncs and IVF version only)
- 10 extras (6 in IVF and HQLM versions)
- Mip-maps
- Adapted to SkyGFX
- Adapted to GFXHack
- HQLM version available
- Real car name, when entering the car
- Correct player seat
- Model files sizes: dff - 9,62 mb; txd - 7,00 mb (IVF+AD)

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Freightliner Coronado 70
Freightliner Coronado 70 Freightliner Coronado 70 Freightliner Coronado 70 Freightliner Coronado 70 Freightliner Coronado 70 Freightliner Coronado 70 Freightliner Coronado 70

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