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Elegy Lumus

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Datum: 13.12.2018
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Elegy Lumus for GTA San Andreas.

Author's description:
"How long have I been doing this Elegie - almost 10 months and I think I have knowingly killed her so many times, she is originally the first model with which I started and at first I did just mess Elegy Rocket drift, but it grew into a more ambitious project and now at last it's finished, Yes I admit that a lot of parts taken from other models, but that does not make for the sake of art, all the more so in past versions, I have been robbed for parts.
- This Elegy has many qualities and advantages, and here is a short list: a fully 3D model that distinguishes it from many others, graceful lights, easily adapts to drift korch (if you use a chainsaw), the HD interior and trunk, in the first Elegy on conflict of wings (you can remove them) and tuning are supplied with the model (author, too).
- Features tuning: 4 coolest vinyl, set of bumpers and skirts A: BN Sport kit bumpers C: frames(in order to do cramps not using the saw), the body of the Rocket Banny (side skirts set (C), an Intake kit which closes A sunroof, roll cage (which replaces the air intakes of the set C) and the last is - HD spoilers and mufflers.
- Alteration is prohibited and twisting of the parts without asking too, I hope for an adequate criticism, thank you for the reading completely.

Free download mod machine Elegy Lumus for GTA San Andreas follow the links posted on the website below.

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Elegy Lumus
Elegy Lumus Elegy Lumus Elegy Lumus Elegy Lumus Elegy Lumus Elegy Lumus Elegy Lumus

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