VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2

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Datum: 11.11.2017
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Car model: VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Stock: Tunable v2

- Author - Conversion: EMzone (EasyMan ™ - LTU Customs ™) / painjob 2: Oksa8 / Correction some textures: Junior_Djjr / DVD Tunning mod pack: Wilker Santos / PaintJob savanna HD: Nick Oliveira / Disc Brake: is a Diablo of the pack: "POD FODÁSTICO SPORT CARS BY OLIVEIRA" / Speaker 6x9: simmons (site:

- Edited and edited by RetrKill0 (FJB) - Channel link:

What was done?

Version 1:

- Added Standard Game Reflex
- Mapped with a new texture the metal part of the bodywork in the engine
- mapped texture of the side of the door (on the chassis and door)
- Created hood bottom
- Fixed side strips, I was going through the tunning pieces
- Corrected Texture of the glass of the doors and in the front and the windshield
- Added front and rear wheel brakes
- Adjusted suspension
- adapted cleaner app
- adapted steering wheel app
- Removed website that had under the boards
SITE: (no longer exists)
- Adjusted the numbering of the plaque that was above the name of the city
- adapted app panel
- created speedometer
- Added panel function turn on at night
- Adapted to Imvehft (arrow [rear, side and front], rear, mile headlamp, light on door, tail light)
- Fixed headlight headlight
- Fixed shadow
- Fixed Collision
- Adjusted player
- Configured Handling
- Added dam glass
- Created dam piece (doors, trunk, hood, rear and front bumper)
- Added arrow function inside the car
- Added extra DVD (pack tunning mod) and 6x9 speaker by Simmons
- Adapted savanna HD paint for paintjob
- Configured Carcorls with colors used in the real

Version 2:

- Fixed mapping of the interior of the door
- Fixed a texture fault in the rearview mirror
- Fixed white side in rearview mirror
- Changed DVD Screen to Off
- Changed steering wheel of the AD for Imvehft
- Fixed purple on plastic material
- Unlocked Parts tunning and corrected plates, reflex and created dam
- Separate parts (gear, suspension, antenna, handbrake, front seats, pedals, luggage compartment lid, plates and mirrors), being able to be edited in Tuning Mod
- edited standard bumper dam

What was not done in this version:
The golf course in the "standard in steering and imvehft" (standard without steering and imvehft) did not receive any changes

Just by all the DFF, TXD and TXT (flash) in modloader

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
flash, 0.3, 1.3, 3.6, 13.128, 152.0, 25.3, 133.0, 201.6

FLASH 1400.0 2998.3 2.2 0.0 0.2 -0.1 75 0.75 0.9 0.5 5 200.0 24.0 10.0 F P 8.0 0.55 0 30.0 1.4 0.15 0.0 0.28 -0.10 0.5 0.3 0.25 0.60 35000 800 4000001 1 1 1

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Important information: You will find two versions in the folder "car" one is normal without any adaptation (standard to the game without disc brake, steering wheel, wiper, night switchboard functions functions, speedometer functions, lights functions etc) and another is with the adaptations already reported above (only this is the difference between them)

NOTE: The paintjob you can edit easily, has a "Template" of it in the paintjob folder (remembering that the game only supports 5, so create or replace to taste in that value)

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VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2
VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2 VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2 VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2 VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2 VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2 VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2 VW Golf Mk5 GTi - Tunable v2

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