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2011 Peel P50

Autor: kappa
Datum: 18.10.2017
Downloads: 5966 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 3.959 MB

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This is smallest in the world it was list in Guinness World record 2010 and apparel in Top Gear

Original Model : Sketch in Sketchup with some part from 3d Warehouse model
Convert to SA : GXP-10

Features :
- High Detail Model
- High Detail Interior
- Have only 1 door and no bug when you get inside (install handling)
- Adapted Imvehft (Working light and steering wheel)
- Custom Chassis_vlo
- Custom Collision
- SA Plate
- Low file size
- Car looks great with ENB and without it
- File size : DFF - 3.38 MB TXD - 874 KB (0.8 MB Less than 1 MB)
- Replace : Sweeper

To make this car appear properly you need to install
- Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1

Update 1.1 :
- Breaklight texture can see easily now
- Fix headlight texture when left headlight break light still on but light not off
- Steering wheel now closer to player hand and
- Steering wheel color now is grey
- Rear wheel now have only one instead of two stacking
- Fix small bug with shadow

Credits :
Zanoza Modeler for ZModeler
Trimble Inc. for Sketchup
Kpat for Model
Peel Engineering for real car
DK22Pac for Imvehft
BenMillard for CFG Studio
The_GTA for Magic-TXD

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2011 Peel P50
2011 Peel P50 2011 Peel P50 2011 Peel P50 2011 Peel P50

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