Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android

Autor: Shon Racer (other nick - Shonter), Brazilian Motors Team
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Datum: 10.05.2017
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Dateigröße: 11.965 MB

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There are two versions in archive: normal and no txd (only dff) (exactly, retextured with SA textures).

Ute (little pickup) with 2JZ-GTE engine. Perfect for drift. Two extras: tires in trunk and hook (doesn't work). Dash, needles on meters, JDM leaf and japanese plate illuminate at night. Only dff version is quality made.
Good collision and Shadow. Has chassis_vlo. Damageable. Quality is excellent.
Replaces Bobcat.

Recommended to install HQLM that goes in archive with this car.

Installation is fully detalised in "[RUS] Установка с ПК.txt", "[ENG] Installation with PC.txt", "[RUS] Установка без ПК.txt" and "[ENG] Installation without PC.txt".

Author of stock model: Brazilian Motors Team.
Cut windscreen, made it damageable, installed new engine 2JZ-GTE, new intercooler, made underbonnet space, made new reflections, made glasses for and stripes around front and rear lights, retextured side parts of rear lights, installed damper above engine, installed new exhaust system and muffler, handbrake, pedals, new steering wheel, installed wheels Konig Style 3, petrol cap, new gear shifter, made small niche, fixed underarch space and some places on underbody, set up shape and size of rear cylinders for springs, made bottom space of rear bumper, replaced rear arches with fenders, connected them with body and made internal parts of them, fixed lots of holes on front bumper, made SA plate on front bumper, stretched down front bumper and side skirts, installed splinter on it, replaced front arches with fenders, set up size and position of wheels, installed aerography on roof, front wings and boot, fixed lots of holes on body, made boot openable and wider, installed screen wipers, illuminating at night JDM leaf and japanese plate on boot, installed illuminating at night dash, textured the lock on the glove box, installed carbon bonnet, plastic parts on body made lighter, installed locks on bonnet, installed hook for rope on the front bumper, installed sports seats, made internal part of bonnet, moved back screen down, made missed part in interior, made rollcase, made writing "Undertaker" on left side, installed reflections on front VW badge, installed brake supports, retextured doors internal parts, fixed size of right air valve in interior, fixed holes in interior and on doors, made audio system, installed dummies for nitro in the trunk, fixed position of rear lights dummies, made digital meters on dash, made needles of them illumintating at night, made car damageabls, fixed Collision and Shadow, renamed textures, made chassis_vlo, installed missed dummies, wrote handling, vehicles, carmods and carcols, fixed position of tuning parts' dummies, installed fire extinguisher in interior, made tires in the trunk as an extra part, set up what should illuminate due to braking and what due to night:
Shon Racer (other niсk - Shonter).

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Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android
Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android Volkswagen Saveiro «Undertaker» + no txd version for Android

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