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Ford GT40 TwinTurbo

Autor: luf2014
Datum: 04.02.2017
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Dateigröße: 1.235 MB

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Hi everyone! (i'm not dead ok?)

since this is my 2017 first mod so i wish everyone have a good year ( except USA and Mexico [R.I.P. Mexico] blame McDonald trump :) ) so..

Moving on , i share with you my Ford GT40 Twin Turbo! (yeah two beautys in the back)
Full 3D engine, transmission , suspension ,turbos ,exhaust and filters;
LIGHTER THAN THE ORIGINAL!! (original 1.6 MB twinturbo and full 3D rear 1.4MB);
turbos, exhaust, filters, and the suspension supports were made from scratch (this is a 2 week project);
the engine is from a Lotus 72D (yeah the old Lotus's F1 cars use a Ford engine)

Front hood;
have 4 disc pads in the rear (v2 i will fix that);
no damage (why you would smash a beast against something?)
left hand drive (the original one is right hand drive but because the gta system is too dumb to notice...)

Special Thanks:
DMN - Admin of the and who ripped the model - where the file is hosted
Me - for making this car possible
mesh and textures - Projects C.A.R.S.

P.S.: when you open the rear hood you can see the tubes holding the engine and the hood and the 4TH screenshot i don't know what happened to sweet but i laugh a LOT xD

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Ford GT40 TwinTurbo
Ford GT40 TwinTurbo Ford GT40 TwinTurbo Ford GT40 TwinTurbo

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