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GTA V Western Gargoyle (DLC Cunning Stunts)

Autor: Muhammad Gibran
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Datum: 17.07.2016
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GTA V Western Gargoyle (DLC Cunning Stunts)
Converted & Improved by Muhammad Gibran

There is 2 versions :
- IMVEHFT version
- Normal version

All version features:
>Replace Wayfarer.
>Tested in CLEO4.3.
>No SA-MP/MTA testing.
>2 seats for 1 passenger and 1 driver
>There is two version :
-Custom (with livery);(no colourable body);(there is two livery, you can choose one)
-Stock (Not With livery);(colourable body)
>Custom Shadow.
>Good Collision.
>The size, model,and texture is Original from GTA V
>chassis_vlo from GTA V
>HQ Models
>Mip-Map texture
>Active Dashboard
-working speedometer
>Open source, files unlocked: only credits required for use it.

>ImVehFt version features :
-working headlights & tailight
-glowing dials at night
-tyre dirt
-GTA IV styled dirt on recolorable body (stock ver only)

-Anim (original) => the legs is not correct when cj ride this bike

*Sorry for bug(s),cause I can't make anim :(
If you want to help contact me ;)
Thanks to :
Allah SWT
Rockstar Game = Original model and texture
DK22Pac = Create IMVEHFT, converter tools.
Automan = Give me original vehicle files
visit my blog and my Mod News Page

Thank you

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GTA V Western Gargoyle (DLC Cunning Stunts)
GTA V Western Gargoyle (DLC Cunning Stunts) GTA V Western Gargoyle (DLC Cunning Stunts) GTA V Western Gargoyle (DLC Cunning Stunts)

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