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Nagasaki NRR-1000

Autor: DaftoNTive
Datum: 14.08.2021
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Nagasaki NRR-1000

Original Author: Aisenodni
Edited and Fixed Version Author: DaftoNTive

After a long time away from modding and gaming in general, i'm partially back.
These are some old Motorcycles that i made way back in mid's of 2020.

And here are a project that i long worked on, made some bikes, but get bored and focus my attention on other areas in life and left as it is, and since all this talk about Rockstar taking down huge mods and prohibiting new ones of being made, that my urge -that is allready little to make new mods- have gonne to basically nothing, and to close with a gold key, i recentenlly lost more than 20 diferent huge projects that i was working on the past for GTA SA, and GTA Anderius because of a pc malfunction, so, with all that, i decided to publish whats got left from this incident and it's it.

So, this project consists on a Edited and Fixed version of the original mod "NRR 1000 by Aisenodni".
Everything that i did, it's on the screenshots.
Again, with the proper credits for the original author given and showed.

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Nagasaki NRR-1000
Nagasaki NRR-1000 Nagasaki NRR-1000 Nagasaki NRR-1000 Nagasaki NRR-1000 Nagasaki NRR-1000 Nagasaki NRR-1000

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