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1100CC Street Fighter "Cipher"

Autor: Edward Custom Motorcycles (DaftoNTive)
Datum: 08.08.2017
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1100CC Street Fighter "Cipher"
Author :Edward Custom Motorcycles (DaftoNTive)
Hello everyone!, how are you guys? good? i hope so!... So... Its been a long time, since i posted my last work...
Sorry everyone, but you know. Real life calls. So, here my most recently work, The CIPHER!
The Cipher, its a Street Fighter Style Motorcycle. She comes with a powerfull 1100cc engine, and a brutal/agressive look.
(Have to tell you guys, she's a masterpiece itsn't?). Have Fun with her!

Fell Free to correct me, if you see that my english its wrong. ;)

Feel Free to upload she on "", always like you guys ;)

NOTE: If you choose the "Add-On" option, just tipe on your car spawn "sfight", and TADA!!

NOTE2:And If you want to "her" spawn on the streets of San Andreas, just open your "Cargrp.dat", it's located on your
DATA folder, and put the "sfight" on any line of your choise (EXEMPLES: # POPCYCLE_GROUP_BEACHFOLK - And She should appear on the BEACH AREA OR On any "# Gang" line that you want)


- You can Add-on or Replace it
- Three Colors to Paint it.
- Custom collision
- Custom Shadow


- Nothing at the moment.

She's Open source, so, use it fot whatever you want, just put my credits in it. ^^

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1100CC Street Fighter
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