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MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 Hornets

Autor: Carbine04, 2668441938
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Datum: 28.03.2020
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Welp, I'm back. It's been quiet on SA's aircraft section for a while might as well put something up. so here it is!

It's a pack of 5 liveries for 2668441938's F/A-18 Hornet featuring units of MAG-31 stationed on MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina (Except VMFA(AW)-533)

Included here are:
1. VMFA-115 'Silver Eagles'/ 162429 - VE207
2.VMFA-122 'Werewolves'/ 164265 - DC02
3.VMFA(AW)-224 'Bengals'/ 165206 - WK04
4.VMFA-251 'Thunderbolts'/ 164902 - AB400
5.VMFA-312 'Checkerboards'/ 163158 - DR213

Use modloader, It's way easier to use than manually replacing DFF & Txd from gta3.img (I mean you could but don't yell in the comment if your game ended up broken doing so, I will not be held responsible)

Credits to:
- "Jimi" Hendricks/ FSXBA: Original Model for FSX
- Hani Michal: FSX Blank Livery Template
- 2668441938: Porting Model to San Andreas
- Me: Making These Liveries on Photoshop

- Heavy files (almost 56 Mb extracted)
- Liveries are not changeable, Pick one of your choosing
- The model In the screenshots are re-edited by me for personal use, you'll get the original model that was uploaded by 2668441938
- DO NOT re-upload to another website beside GTAInside (I AM WATCHING YOU!!)

so I hope you enjoy, or not. anyways I'll see you on the next mods

Update 1 29/3/20:
Minor improvement on VMFA-122 and VMFA-251

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MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 Hornets
MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 Hornets MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 Hornets MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 Hornets MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 Hornets MCAS Beaufort F/A-18 Hornets

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