GTA SA: Flugzeuge

GTA SA Airplanes Remastered - Shamal

Autor: Zeneric/Kkjj/Grinch_ | Email
Datum: 10.12.2019
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GTASAAR Shamal v1

GTASAAR Shamal is part of GTA SA Airplanes Remastered project ( ).
HDing/remastering default GTA SA Shamal base model and amplifying it with Learjet style Shamal's based on in real life while keeping GTA SA essence intact, and adapting with extra features GTA SA modders made possible.
Many parts of GTASAAR Shamal were ported from many sources (FSX, GTAV, random freeware 3D model sites, etc), were made from scratch, and were modified.


Adapted with VehFuncs (Extras, LOD system, fan spins, and retro compatibly Active Dashboard's steering function).
Adapted with ImVehFt (Light on logo tail, light on lamps, steering function, and light on windows).
Adapted with AI Planes (Functional gauges/throttles/thrust reversers/etc, and better GTA SA airplane functions (rudder/landing gear/etc)).
Two interiors in one (Commercial and Private/Rich versions. GTA SA ingame randomly picks one of two versions when GTASAAR Shamal is spawned - thanks to VehFuncs).
Detailed cockpit.
Interior Collision (Jump thru the GTASAAR Shamal door to get inside).
Prelight interiors (fake/baked lighting).
SkyGFX ready (adapted with all SkyGFX vehicle pipelines).
Carcols data for Shamal's exterior body (Five primary colors).
Baked Ambient Occuslion map with details for Shamal's exterior body.
Smokes for Shamal's engines (smokes get activated when flying at middle/high height, and above, in sky).
Extra skins for the interiors (3 skins for Commercial, and 6 skins for Private/Rich. If you want a different skin - you need to replace manually via TXD editing. When VehFuncs' paintjob function works correctly for Shamal I'll update).


Vehfuncs ( ).
AI Planes ( ).
ImVehFt ( ).

Optional but recommended:

Airplane Tire Skid ( ).
Better Autopilot ( ).
First Person Mod - ( ).
Load Whole Map - ( )
Water Plane Effect - ( )
Project2DFX ( )
Better Skybox ( )
SkyGFX ( )


Put "GTASAAR Shamal" folder in modloader ( ).


Zeneric - 3D modeler/Texture artist
Kkjj - Designer
Grinch_ - Coder

Thanks to Carcer ( ) for allowing us to use gauges from his airplane mod for GTASAAR Shamal. Check out Carcer's excellent mods at GTAInside.

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GTA SA Airplanes Remastered - Shamal
GTA SA Airplanes Remastered - Shamal GTA SA Airplanes Remastered - Shamal GTA SA Airplanes Remastered - Shamal

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