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Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1

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Datum: 19.09.2019
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The Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1.
Indian Air Force 24th Sqn Hunting Hawks, India. The Sukhoi Su-30 MK-1 is a twin-engine, two-seat supermaneuverable fighter aircraft ...
The squadron has been equipped with a variety of aircraft in the past, the most recent being the Su-30MKI.
In various inter-squadron training exercises, the squadron has won various trophies.

* Thanks to MRF8255 for Supply me unlock and raw file.

* About the File:
This file contain Files of model and its texure and seperate folder for cleos file.

* Model of this Aircraft is builded in low poly count.

* DragonFF (DFF) file is 2.1 MB
* Texture (txd) file is 3.5 Mb

* Dff edit and Collision update and chassis re builded by Riba

* This File Contain DFF file and Txd file this model doesn't not need cleo "Visual correction" all are already fixed

* All the Cleos script was uploaded in Su 30 MkI. Download and enjoy

Thanks for downloding this file... Riba..

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Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1
Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1 Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1 Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1 Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1 Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1 Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1 Sukhoi Su 30 MK-1

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