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Airbus A380-841 *Updated*

Autor: -Carcer-
Datum: 28.02.2019
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Airbus A380-841 (or A380-800 with Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines) with Al_planes script

Updated -> 01-03-2019 <-

- Fixed the texture of a double window in all included paints
- Wipers now have texture
- Added a second alternative model adapted to lights from unmodded "particle.txd" (see the 5th image)
- Improvement Collision (more solid A380)
- Improvement Shadow model

The old Airbus A380-800 mod from SkylineGTRFreak, which even got the "Featured Mod", is really good, but have big issues, such as not being able to fly and see from the cockpit, buildings that disappear, can't enter to the aircraft and others, so, I decided to make this mod, you can see the end of this description to see all the changes I made

Not to be very similar to the old mod, in this mod, the Airbus A380 have the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines instead of the Engine Alliance GP7000 engines from the old mod and this mod, not have model of interior from passengers


- Detailed model
- Detailed cockpit
- Moving fans
- Realistic landing gear
- Elevators, rudder and ailerons
- Flaps
- Spoilers
- Thrust reversers
- Thrust levers
- Landing gear lever
- Spoiler lever
- Flap lever
- You can enter to airplane from the invisible ramp (left side of aircraft)
- Realistic lights (2dfx)
- Windows light up at night
- Illuminated gauges
- Custom and hight quality LOD model
- Collision model
- Shadow model

Real name
Original Author:
Project Airbus

Original Mod:

Fixes and improvements:

Script: Albreht
British Airways
China Southern Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Airlines
- See the Readme.txt for install instructions (follow all the steps indicated in the instructions)
- No tested in SA-MP or MTA
Details of fixes and improvements:
- Different engines
- Now player sit in the cockpit (you can see and fly from cockpit, you need any first person mod to view from cockpit)
- Changed a340-600 cockpit to realistic cockpit of a380-800
- Removed interior from passengers (and ajusted the collision model)
- No more issue: buildings that disappear
- Now you can enter to airplane from the invisible ramp (left side of aircraft)
- Fixed and improvement the LOD model (chassis_vlo)
- More realistic landing gear (and fixed the landing gear doors)
- Removed specular maps in interior models (no reflections of sun or reflections from enbseries)
- Landing gear lever, spoiler lever ,flap lever, thrust levers, all added and works
- Thrust reversers added and now works
- 2dfx lights are little different
- Now fan blades and tail rudder is with al_planes support (rudder does not disappear from an view angle and the fan blades rotate synchronized)

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Airbus A380-841 *Updated*
Airbus A380-841 *Updated* Airbus A380-841 *Updated* Airbus A380-841 *Updated* Airbus A380-841 *Updated* Airbus A380-841 *Updated* Airbus A380-841 *Updated* Airbus A380-841 *Updated*

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