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Scary Mod v2

Autor: PurpleWolfy
Datum: 26.09.2022
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This is my second Scary mod for San Andreas Definitive Edition :)

About the mod

In this mod, strange things will happen to CJ
, when he goes to The Panopticon..
It doesn't matter, if you go there by foot, car, plane, helicopter or even boat.
When you are at the location..
You will feel the emptiness of San Andreas or maybe not?
The weather is diffrent there.. and time?
There might be one or more things waiting for you there..
With the knowledge i have so far..
Don't go there without something to defend yourself..

Be ready for a little suprise there..

Anyway, hopefully this "message" was intresting and maybe the intrest got bigger? :O
I will make more versions for Scary Mod. Since many of you wanted to see more :)

If you have any questions or the mod dosen't work correctly, then join my discord server.
I'll try to help as much as i can :)
You can find it on my profile :)

You can still earn achievements :)

How to use:

1) While you are in the game. Go to The Panopticon location. It is next to San Fierro Airport.
2) After you reach the area, time should change and many more..
3) Can you survive?

Known issues:

-None- (so far..)

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Scary Mod v2
Scary Mod v2 Scary Mod v2 Scary Mod v2 Scary Mod v2 Scary Mod v2

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