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Simple Native Trainer v0.5

Autor: Yushae Raza
Datum: 20.01.2022
Downloads: 43966 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 46.819 KB

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This is the updated version of the Simple Native trainer released few weeks ago it includes many fixes many requested features such as teleportation. please disregard the previous version as I uploaded it without an account so no longer can hide it
Simple Trainer: First fully fledged trainer/mod menu for the remaster version of the game

Teleporting to interiors can have major issues some work, some do not teleport to the interior at your own risk
low gravity will only work in-game version
You need the latest Cleo redux version(0.85) for this mod to work

Watch the mod in action here

For instructions on installing cleo redux watch this video

If you like my work and want show some support here is my patreon will welcome any support

If you need help/support or discuss my mods pleas join this discord server which will now be the go to place for stuff like that link

Player Options
God mode
Infinite sprint
Super jump
Gliding mode
wanted level
no police
Weapon Selector
stat modifier
Vehicle options
god mode
repair vehicle
vehicle Mod menu
color picker
Vehicle spawner
World options
reducepeds/vehicle density
riot mode
normal gravity
low gravity
Weather options
Change time

1)Download the latest version of cleo redux(0.85) from otherwise the trainer will not work
2)Put cleo_text folder inside the cleo folder
3)put menu.cs and Simple-Trainer.js inside the cleo folder
4) enjoy

f4 to access the menu
up/down or w/s to cycle between option
enter to select
t to goback

gliding mode controls:
Hold shift to glide
press w to go down
press s to go up
press a to left
press d to go right

Special thanks to Grinch_ for providing me with teleporting cordinates for various locations
Special thanks to iAmir for supplying me with memory addreses for gravity
Specal thanks to Seemann for CLEO REDUX with it this mod wont be possible

Version 0.5
-fixed various text issues
-removed the need for missingtext.asi
-added teleporter
-added vehicle mods menu allowing to change stuff like bumper
-added super jump
-added glide mode
-added low gravity options
-various small fixes
-Version 0.4
-fixed Sandstorm weather not working
-fixed camera issue when spawning in vehicles
-Added Weapon selector menu
-Added infinite sprint
-added riot mode
-added covid lockdown mode
Version 0.3
-Fixed issue with using trainer while inmission
-added/fixed all weather names
-added vehicle options such as god-mod, nitro, change colors
Version 0.2
-fixed random weapon set not working
Version 0.1
-initial release

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Simple Native Trainer v0.5
Simple Native Trainer v0.5 Simple Native Trainer v0.5 Simple Native Trainer v0.5 Simple Native Trainer v0.5 Simple Native Trainer v0.5 Simple Native Trainer v0.5 Simple Native Trainer v0.5

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