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Black Ops III - MR6

Autor: TheNathanNS
Datum: 10.08.2016
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MR6 from Black Ops 3 by TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod replaces the standard Pistol with the MR6 from Call of Duty Black Ops III.

The MR6 makes an appearence in all of Black Ops III's modes, being the starter pistol for everyone in campaign, multiplayer, and zombies. (Excluding Shadows of Evil)

I originally ported the MR6 to GTA San Andreas a few months ago (alongside the KN44 and the KRM-262) and decided it'd be a good diea to port it to GTA 5 due to it's high quality.

Anyway, this model features:

* Perfect hand positioning
* Futuristic fashioned (Black Ops 3 takes place in 2060s for the unaware)
* Semi-decent texture resolution (1024x1024)
* Low end PC friendly! (No frame drops on my NVidia GT 730)

As per always, DO NOT GO ONLINE WITH THIS MOD OR ANY MOD.You WILL get banned.

You get banned, it's YOUR fault.

File size:

w_pi_pistol_hi.ydr = 136kb
w_pi_pistol+hi.ytd = 4.13mb
w_pi_pistol.ytd = 3.36mb

2.) Installation

Using OpenIV, navigate to:


Replace the 3 files with mine.

Start up GTA V, then switch to your pistol, either spawn it, buy it, whatever.

3.) Bugs

None that I know of.

If you find any, tell me.

4.) Credits

Model converted from Black Ops III by TheNathanNS
Wraith (BO3 model export tool) made by DTZxPorter

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Black Ops III - MR6
Black Ops III - MR6 Black Ops III - MR6 Black Ops III - MR6 Black Ops III - MR6

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