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AK Pistol [Add-On]

Autor: Claude_III & Jridah
Datum: 09.02.2016
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I Always Wanted To Add Things Other than Replacing......... Btw Its Meant To Be In Executives And Other Criminals Dlc.


Go To Grand Theft Auto V And Put The update File There.
Now Go To Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ Now Drag dlclist.xml To Your Desktop From Here Add This Line Below The Latest Dlc
You Have:
Now You Have Choose If You Have A Pirated Version Or Not If You Don't Then Enter Non Pirated File If You Do Then Enter Pirated Version Now Put The Weaponcomponents.meta In The Update.rpf Located At:
Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai Place Them Here Then Bam Open Your Game Enjoy.
If You Don't Have Patchday8ng Then Put It In The Latest Patchday You Have.


@Jridah For Making The Model And Allowing Me To Use It In My Add-on Dlc.
Link Of Model From Jridah Atleast Go Drop A Like For Making This Model
@SonOfUgly For His Adding Weapons And Cars Tutorial.
@Claude_III For Making This Weapon As An Add-on (That's Me)

And Last Thing I Want To Say Is I Made Some Other Weapon Add-ons And I Added In New Peds Other Than Replacing.

Tell Me A Specific Ped Or An Weapon You Want Me To Make It As An Dlc.

We're Done Hope You Like It.

Before I Forget Buy It In Ammunation Or Spawn It With Trainer And Report Me Any Bugs.


Right Now Working On:

Weapon Icon. (Understanding How To Edit)

Adding AK'S Pistol Mag Without Replacing Assault Rifle's Mag. (Done)

Looking For Attachments For The AK Pistol. (Still Looking)


Weapon Name And Description In Ammunation And In Weapon Wheel Name And Replacing Assault Rifle Mag.

Adding AK'S Pistol Mag Without Replacing.

Added Readme..

Added 50% Compatibility With XM25 CDTE [Add-on] Mod From Jridah.

5.0: Soon
Making Weapon Wheel Icon And Looking For Attachments Pretty Much Done From The Mod.

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AK Pistol [Add-On]
AK Pistol [Add-On] AK Pistol [Add-On] AK Pistol [Add-On]

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