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MOM Launcher (Improve performance and more!)

Autor: Xxshark888xX | Email
Datum: 17.08.2016
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[What is this?]
This is a custom Launcher that help you to improve the P.P. (Performance Process) when the game is running.
And have other usefully functions like: Mod manager, Self Radio (Custom music handler), Easy modify of the 'settings.xml' file and other that will come in the next future updates!

[How to use this?]
To use my tool, first you need to install (If you don't have) .NET Framework 4.5.2.
You found more information about the P.P. inside the How to use.txt file!

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●Added: Now you can enable/disable the P.P. in-game!
●Added: 'In-Game Enable/Disable Key' to set the key that will enable/disable the P.P. in-game
●Improved: Re-coded the 'MOMLauncher.dll' and improved the In-Game notifications

●Added: Now MOM make the P.P. automatically when you see your character in-game without the 'Apply after (sec)' manually function
●Changed: Re-coded the 'MOMLauncher.dll'
●Removed: The 'Apply after (sec)' function
----●Bug fix: An issue with the GTA V directory find for the Steam version
[!!!]: If you have an old 'self.xml' file from a old version of MOM delete this file and re-launch MOM

●Added: Created a mod (MOMLauncherPP_notify.dll) that let you know in-game when the P.P. is done or not!
●Bug fix: Fixed some minor bugs
●Removed: Sound when the P.P. is done

●Added: Now if you set 'Stop Grand Theft Auto V Launcher' to don't kill after launching GTA V. MOM will set the Priority of the GTAVLauncher to low for more performance
●Improved: Code that handle the CPU P.P.
●Changed: In the P.P. Priority from "Idle" to "Low"
●Changed: The min. value of 'Apply P.P. after (seconds)' to 85 sec.

●Bug fix: The sound when the P.P. is done because sometimes don't play
●Bug fix: An issue with the 'Update' button
●Bug fix: When you check the 'steam' version and then the 'retail' versione the 'GTA V Directory path' disappear
●Bug fix: An little issue with the 'RAM Cleaner' controls
●Bug fix: Now the 'bin' folder is not anymore hidden
----●Bug fix: Fixed a big bug with the 'Update available checking'

----●Bug fix: Fixed a critical bug with the 'Update available checking'

●Improved: Tool code-script used for the P.P.
●Improved: GUI (Graphical User Interface)
●Improved: Script for the Update checking
●Improved: Performance of MOM
●Added: New 14 processes to kill when the P.P. is done. (If you check an process and you don't have installed, MOM will skip this for you)
●Added: Now the tool play a sound when the P.P. is done! (The sound file is stored in the hidden "*\bin" folder)
●Removed: More advanced info about P.P. and added again the 'How to use'.txt file
[!!!]: If you have an old 'self.xml' file from a old version of MOM (or Auto CPU Performance) delete this file and re-launch MOM

●New tool name "MOM Grand Theft Auto V Launcher"
●Improved: GUI (Graphical User Interface)
●Added: Now the tool let you know when an update is available!
●Added: More advanced info about PP (Performance Process)
●Improved: Tool code-script
●Bug fix: An issue with the 'self_launchgtav' shortcut that can't launch the game

●Added: Play/Stop track to the 'Self Radio' tab
●Added: Now you can select to Add multiple tracks
●Added: Now you can delete multiple tracks at once
●Bug fix: 'Self Radio' tab 'Remove' button error 'null return'
●Bug fix: 'Self Radio' tab 'Add' button file extension filter
●Bug fix: Minor bugs

●Added: Function to add custom music to the 'Self Radio'
●Bug fix: A small bug with the controls (buttons)

●Bug fix: An issue with the saving of the 'settings.xml' file
●Bug fix: When press the 'Play Grand Theft Auto V' some controls still remain enabled
●Bug fix: Minor bugs
●Added: Now you can choose manually the GTA V directory
[!!!]: If the tool give you a .NET Framework error (selfLoadUserSet) delete the self.xml file and then launch the tool.

●Bug fix: An issue that can't detect correctly the 'Grand Theft Auto V' main directory

●Improved: Now the tool finds the GTA V directory path automatically
●Improved: There is no more need to create the 'GTAVLauncher' shortcut
●Bug fix: "Can't execute GTAVLauncher" error for the Steam version
●Bug fix: An issue with the HexaCore CPU (CPUAffinty)
●Bug fix: An issue with the load of the 'settings.xml'
●Bug fix: A problem with the 'settings.xml' tab

●Added: Now the tool support the Hexa-Core CPU
●Added: 'Video Card Description' to the 'settings.xml' tab
●Bug fix: CPU Affinity number of cores check
●Bug fix: An issue with some controls
●Bug fix: An issue with the load of the 'settings.xml'
●Bug fix: An issue with the 'settings.xml' file save path

●Added: RAM Cleaner (Work in Progress). For now have only 3 custom processes. Please, send me some ideas on what other processes should add
●Added: Now you can modify the 'settings.xml' with this tool
●Added: Tooltip over the controls for help
●Added: A check to verify the CPU cores number
●Improved: Very hard rewritten tool code-script for more performance (not in GTA V)
●Bug fix: An issue with the CPU Affinity window user settings save
●Bug fix: With the 'Save changes' button

●Bug fix: Now you can launch the game from 'C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V'
●Added: Now you can cancel the launching of the game
●Improved: Tool code-script

●Version not public

●Added: GUI (Graphical User Interface)
●Improved: Tool code-script
●Tool rewritten in C#

●Improved: Tool code-script
●Using PowerShell

●First release
●Using PowerShell

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MOM Launcher (Improve performance and more!)
MOM Launcher (Improve performance and more!) MOM Launcher (Improve performance and more!) MOM Launcher (Improve performance and more!)

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