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Datum: 24.05.2016
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ToolsV is a launcher, mod manager and a utility pack for GTA V.
It contains many built-in tools as shown below.
ToolsV can auto-update without any manual instalation.

[#Main features]
* GTA V launch options: Normal launch, Singleplayer with mods, Singleplayer without mods, Multiplayer (without mods).
* Intro bypass launch option.
* GTA Mod manager - enable/disable particular mods.
* Basic commandline read-write (free input coming soon, four options right now): Reads and prints current commandline parameters, checkboxes for: file verification, safe mode, singleplayer offline and multiplayer freemode.
* Game info display: Patch version, installation path, game type and language.
* GTA V file migration (works only with non-steam version).
* Shortcut creation tool with argument support.
* ScriptHookV version checker.

[#How to use]
There is no instalation needed for this tool. Simply launch it from wherever you want (GTA installation directory is found automatically).

[#Upcoming/planned features]
[=]Improving the program and removing bugs.
[=]None! Post your suggestions in the comments or pm me!

[*] -> An important update for ToolsV
[^] -> A bug fix & improvement update for ToolsV

v2.2.3 - [^]
[+]Updated main window
[+]Updated game edition display
[+]Updated toolstip items order
[+]Updated changelog window
[+]Improved program launch speed
[+]Fixed shortcuts not enabling/disabling the mods for singleplayer
[+]Fixed bypass intro not working with auto-close after launch
[+]Fixed other bugs

v2.2.2 - [*]
[+]Added intro bypass launch option
[+]Added changelog viewer
[+]Updated mod manager
[+]Updated shortcut creator
[+]Updated migration tool downloader
[+]Updated credits
[+]Updated status bar
[+]Fixed bugs

v2.2.1 - [^]
[+]Updated update tool
[+]Fixed self-update
[+]Fixed updater not downloading
[+]Fixed label text when GTA not found
[+]Fixed links (sorry, using GDrive instead of FTP server right now)

v2.2.0 - [*]
[+]Added mod manager
[+]Added self-updating
[+]Added unexpected crash handling
[+]Updated settings window
[+]Improved program speed
[+]Fixed bugs

v2.1.0 - [^]
[+]ScriptHookV checker on startup can now be toggled
[+]Added exit after game launch option (AKA stealth mode)
[+]Added update button in settings menu
[+]Updated shortcut icon
[+]Updated "about" message
[+]Fixed "normal" game launch shortcut
[+]Fixed patch version retrieve for steam edition of GTA
[+]Fixed shortcuts not running the game

v2.0.2 - [*]
[+]Added full support for steam edition of GTA!
[+]Game version is now shown
[+]Added shortcut creation tool
[+]Updated migration tool
[+]Fixed ScriptHookV checker
[+]Fixed GTA Online launch
[+]Fixed crash when commandline.txt didn't exist

[+]Initial release


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