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GTA V Mod Creator v2.2.294d

Autor: ZyDevs
Datum: 21.05.2015
Downloads: 44357 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 0.301 MB

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v2.2 includes the beta of .NET script editor. Report any bugs.

Completely Re-Done! I lost all of the source code after fixing my PC, So I re-did the whole thing. I like it a lot better now, there are a few features missing, but I will be updating everything ASAP!
Thanks to everyone who has been patient for this release!

This Program makes it easier to make script Mods for GTA V.

-Create Folder on Desktop (anywhere works).
-Place contents from RAR Archive in folder.
-Open Folder & Run GTA 5 Mod Creator.exe as an administrator.

Known Issues
None as of now.

-1.0a: Initial Release
-1.0b: Changed file format.
-1.1b: Compiled down into one file.
-2.0b: Compressed & Updated loading/site loading.
-1.0c: Now in VB.NET, much easier to use & more user friendly.
-1.1c: Added small player model menu. Choose what player model to change to. Changed Font & Background color of Code Box.
-1.2c: Added Loading & Saving files. Added "Set Max Wanted Level" as a default function.
-1.3c: -"Simple Text/GUI" Function added., Syntax highlighting for code.
-1.4c: Added Terms of Use Agreement & "Download LUA SDK" button, will download into your GTA V directory (GTA V directory is set the first time you open the application.)
-1.5c: Added RED Syntax highlighting for NativeDB functions (PLAYER,ENTITY,ETC...)
-1.6c: Disabled Syntax Highlighting temporarily to fix code issues.
-1.7c: Fixed errors on x86 systems. Added background image for every different window.
-1.8c: Better Background Picture. Added Add Key To Press Function & end If Statement. Also made design look a bit better than before.
-1.8d: Minor Bug Fixes
-1.8.1d: Removed image background, Added script guide.
-1.8.2d: Attempt To Fix LUA Download button, Updated script guide, Updated model hash.
-1.9d: MAJOR UPDATE: Completely re-designed. Added a few new functions! Started with a .NET editor, will be released soon. LUA Download button now working. Added 2 new player models to the list. Player invincibility & vehicle explosion are now addable in the Lua Functions section.
-2.1d: Thanks to xIconikkx for a brand new design.
-2.1.1d: Bug Fix: Wanted Level Window couldn't be moved, fixed. Added "Help Forum" and "Donate" buttons. Added "OLD" folder in .rar file if you prefer to use the old design.
-2.2d: Beta of .NET script editor released. Console Debugger is now a WIP planned for 2.3
-2.2.146d: Added Set Wanted Level for .NET, Fixed parts of code for .NET & LUA
-2.2.294d: Created a new layout now allowing you to select from 2 different color schemes.


Do Not Upload Anywhere Without My Permission

xIconikkx - Layout Base.

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GTA V Mod Creator v2.2.294d

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