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The IV Trio

Autor: TheNathanNS
Datum: 03.07.2016
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Dateigröße: 69.113 MB

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The IV Trio by TheNathanNS

1.) Description

Want the old trio from GTA IV back? Well, with this mod you can replace Michael, Trevor AND Franklin with Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Mod features:

* Head models from GTA IV
* Moving mouths (Except Johnny for some reason)
* GTA IV-esque clothing (IE Niko can wear his jacket from IV, Johnny can wear his jacket from V)
* Like in GTA IV, Niko can wear 3 varients of his jacket (may include more in the future via retexturing)


Mod size:

dlc.rpf: 50.7mb

2.) Installation

Drag and drop the mods folder into your root GTA 5 folder, this will mean when you next start up GTA V, you'll have Niko/Luis/Johnny

For the IV clothes (for Niko/Johnny) open up x64v.rpf with OpenIV

Go to streampedsplayers.rpf and go into player_zero and replace all the files with my provided ones.

Then do the same for player_two.

You can pick up Johnny/Niko's jacket at Ammunation, as they both replace the hunting vest (or whatever it's called).

3.) Bugs

* Johnny's mouth doesn't move while he's talking, Niko and Luis do.
* OpenIV displays the wrong texture for some reason, it's fine ingame.

4.) Credits

Models converted from IV by TheNathanNS using Uraniom

5.) To "enhance" this mod, please download these:

Niko/Luis/Johnny player switching icons: (By Nikita488)

Luis Lopez jeans for Franklin (Now Luis): (by AK_Paradox)

GTA IV Weapon pack: (by 420x420)

IVPack: (By _CP_ and others)

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The IV Trio
The IV Trio The IV Trio The IV Trio The IV Trio The IV Trio The IV Trio The IV Trio

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