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Dreambirds Boba Fett tribute To Star Wars

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It’s here! “FETT” Tribute to Star Wars by Dreambirds Diamond will be available for public on Monday, March 7th 2016, starting 10am-10pm via Dreambirds store & Dreambirds online service. IDR: Rp.1.700.000,- exclude shipping.

This was inspired by one of the most iconic figures in the Star Wars franchise by none other than bounty hunter, Boba Fett! Fused with the most symbolic Barn owl ( Tyto Alba ) ~ Sheterror painted the piece on canvas using acrylic paint as a homage to the Star Wars culture with a little twist as the owl’s head appears inside the mask. Stating that the barn owl & Fett has clear similarities on both working with deadly stealth, stalking their prey with sure-accuracy, and undoubtedly, two very fearsome hunters.

The garment used for FETT is “Twill” cotton, a common fabric used for outerwears. It has a semi waterproof feature that fits just right for Indonesia’s rainy habits. Its dense component makes it warm & definitely most comfortable. Crafted carefully in the peaceful Capital of the West Java Province, Bandung, by exceedingly experienced tailors, and a very comprehensive quality control by the artist herself (Sheterror) to ensure each piece is undeniably flawless.

For the packaging of “FETT”, a high quality hardboard is chosen, combined with an intricate silver-foiled Dreambirds Diamond & FETT logo. Each box is skillfully handcrafted, making it a very valuable piece that’s much more than just a package.

“FETT” also comes with lots of freebies! Including: a silkscreen 50×50 cm slayer, a faux leather keychain, a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity, and lastly, stacks of silkscreen stickers!

“FETT” Tribute to Star Wars, is our very first product release from our latest line, “Dreambirds Diamond.” The highest line in all of the Dreambirds categories. It is truly our love for the craft. It is more than just a “product”. It’s our soul, poured into every brushstroke, every smudge, every detail, every second, and with everyday,
we gave our everything.

Dreambirds Diamond exists to show the world that all art forms are something we must not & never forget but rather embrace. For it is the quintessence of life

NB: Make you wete in the country's Dont Forget to visit our shop is in Jalan Kemang, South Jakarta, Indonesia

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Dreambirds Boba Fett tribute To Star Wars
Dreambirds Boba Fett tribute To Star Wars Dreambirds Boba Fett tribute To Star Wars Dreambirds Boba Fett tribute To Star Wars

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