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Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6

Autor: ActionsAndy | Email
Datum: 21.04.2016
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by ActionsAndy 2016

Hi Guys,

here I have done a nice mod,
to give Trevors clothes a better looking.

-maybe it is a question of each taste,
but I think they looks much better
than the originals in the game.

(some clothes are or could be simmilar,
with clothes out of my other mods!!!)

In this mod I changed :

- all (closed zip) hoodys Trevor can get during the game
( SubUrban and AmmuNation or have it ) !

- all no more needed decl_ files to empty-texture files
(need to install or will get disturbing badges on some jakets) !

Nothing else !

I do it all by myself for GTA V !
It was a lot of work so, please do NOT modificate
or reupload it on any webside, without asking me first.
Thank you !

Look to the screens in folder before installing, first !

You like it. -install it!

You like it not. -sorry, for wasting your time !

You are not sure? -install and test it!
- You will find the backups in folder \Back
(if you need it) !


To install, open GTA V with openIV

Go to ...


copy all files from TCM6 into folder :

\player_two (you will find in the folder see above)

You need to copy the decl_ files too,
or you will get some normal game badges on your new jakets.
I created some empty decl_ file for each jaket, which needs one.

Now there are new and good looking hoodys in your game ;-)

That´s it !

Have fun !


Use this mod only offline !

If you want more, look for my other mods on this website !

Yours, ActionsAndy


In case of any troubles with this mod,
problems, any ideas or something else,
do not hasitate to write me an email.

upload Date: 04-21-2016


All used badges and brands, if there are some,
belongs to the real owner.

Real company badges and brands
belongs to the each real company!

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Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6
Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6 Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6 Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6 Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6 Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6 Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6 Trevor new Hoddys Clothes Mod #6

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