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Super Mario Masks V2

Autor: TheNathanNS
Datum: 28.08.2015
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Super Mario Masks for GTA 5

By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod replaces a welding mask with a mask of Super Mario or Yoshi from the well known Super Mario series.

The models used are from Super Mario Galaxy 1, released in 2007.

The mod features:

* Hilariously Obnoxious head size

* Perfect fit!

* Low end PC friendly!

All you need to do is press "7" on the numberpad ingame to automatically equip the mask!

2.) Installation

First decide who you want to be (Mario or Yoshi)

Then, using OpenIV, replace "prop_welding_mask_01.ydr" by going to:


and importing my model.

NOTE: YOU NEED TO HAVE SCRIPTHOOKV.NET INSTALLED (If you don't have that, get it here:

Then drag the "maskalwayson.cs" into your "Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts" folder.

Start up GTA 5 then press 7 on the number pad!

3.) Clipping issues

There are some minor clipping issues when driving most cars, the head head will clip though the roof. Bikes and converitble cars are perfectly fine though.

Aside from that, perfectly fine!

4.) Credits

Models rigged for Grand Theft Auto V by TheNathanNS

Models ripped from Super Mario Galaxy 1 by Models-Resource user Peardian.

MaskAlwaysOn.cs by Pandassaurus, Proudnoob and f0rest.

Feel free to use this in any packs if you want, just credit me.

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Super Mario Masks V2
Super Mario Masks V2 Super Mario Masks V2

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