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Project Batman V0.5

Autor: GtaGamer222
Datum: 02.06.2015
Downloads: 3582 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 1.148 MB

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• 28/5/2015 Batman isn't black anymore.
• 28/5/2015Slightly improved textures.
• 31/5/2015 Crash Fix (Thanks to runItsalpha for taking time to recompile the textures :) )
• 01/5/2015 Small Changes and Updated Readme File.
About the Mod:
Atm this is just a Batman Texture mod for Franklin, but over time I plan(along with some awesome friends of mine :) ) of making this the Ultimate batman mod for GTA V,but as of now model editing is not possible using OpenIV ,so I couldn't add the cape :[ but when it becomes possible I'll be adding the cape, Batmobile and some other good stuff! ;).This Texture mod took more time than I expected (like 2 days ) but its done :). Please report any bugs you might encounter. Have fun! :)

Note: To everyone asking why i chose franklin here's the answer lol, I had to do it because Michael is old and so is Trevor and they ain't buff enough to be batman (yeah lol) so i had no choice other than to choose franklin =3. I you guys want a "white" frank-Batman I could do a little something. let me know in the comment section :)

Feel free to comment below if you have any problems installing.
Also feel free to leave some Suggestions.... :) .

Thanks to my bud IIZACHARIAHII for letting me use his flash texture mod as a reference it really helped :)

Know bugs:
• Feel free to report if you found any.

Video Demo:

Installation Tutorial :---------------------------------------Video Tutorial (Includes how to get batman suit in game):

Written Instructions:(I suggest you watch the video tutorial lol)
•Extract the files from the downloaded archive.
•Open OpenIV
•Open x64v.rpf
•Open models
•Open cdimages
•Open streamedpeds_players
•Open player_one
•Click Editmode on Top right corner
•Replace head_diff_000_a_bla.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
uppr_diff_026_a_bla.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
lowr_diff_003_a_uni.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
hand_diff_000_a_uni.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
feet_diff_001_a_uni.ytd (Make a Backup before Replacing)
with the files in the downloaded archive.

Requires OpenIV [2.6] which can be found here -

In order to use this YOU NEED OpenIV's ASI plugin. It will ask you to automatically install on first launch of the latest version. Without this you cannot use edited RPF's.

If you are making a video, please leave a link to my youtube channel in the description of the video :]

DO NOT re-distributed.Thanks :)

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Project Batman V0.5
Project Batman V0.5

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