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Jimmy Boston V1.0

Autor: sowitzer
Webseite | Email
Datum: 04.10.2019
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Dateigröße: 5.141 MB

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hello folks!

- Extract with winrar 5.0, This rar doesn't contain password
by rules of
Put the jimmyboston v1.0 in your desktop.

two forms of to install:

1.- you must use OpenIV soft and choose GtaV.
after put the ped in this place:
"C:\Rockstar\Grand Theft Auto V\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf\"
then you should save with mode edition in the OpenIV.
In the game you could use simple trainer, pc trainer V or ped spawner gtav
for to choose.
If you don´t like, I did a backup of the ped orig
and you could restore the origin ped.

2.- this option is most easy.
you can use addon peds editor, while you can erase "ig_" of the 4 files
(this is only for the option 2).
jimmyboston.ytd - jimmyboston.ymt - jimmyboston.yft - jimmyboston.ydd
In gta mods web o you tube will find like install peds for GtaV.

This ped Mod adds a pretty detailed jimmyboston v1.0 to GTA5.
It can choose with simple trainer, pc trainer V or ped spawner gtav.
Don´t forget the work and time I spent to make this ped mod. :)

jimmyboston v1.0 mod: features

- OpenIV
- addon peds editor
- ScripthookV
- ScripthookNET

- new colour shirt
- new color hat
- new color pant
- new logo for shirt

Version 1.0
Date: 25 september 2019 - 19:10 PM
by Sowitzer.

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Jimmy Boston V1.0
Jimmy Boston V1.0 Jimmy Boston V1.0 Jimmy Boston V1.0

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