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Mod for MP Female V1.1

Autor: dionys19 | Email
Datum: 05.08.2017
Downloads: 3865 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 17.953 MB

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Why THIS MOD I think you guys will ask ??

Well.......All Women should be beautiful and good looking.

I started to see that R* generic MP FEMALE models are NOT bad but "NOT THE BEST". So I decided to give the models a better look.

Please take your time and read carefully every NOTE inside the FILES because MP character are complex and vast compare to "PLAYERS" characters.

"Some modified bodies (2 for the moment) ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the rest of cloths. More upper cloths needs to be modified and those are coming

If you find BUGS or glitches let me know.

Sorry for my English is not my first languague.

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Mod for MP Female V1.1
Mod for MP Female V1.1 Mod for MP Female V1.1 Mod for MP Female V1.1 Mod for MP Female V1.1 Mod for MP Female V1.1

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