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GarageV [Add-On Prop] 1.1

Autor: GtaGam3r
Datum: 31.12.2016
Downloads: 13011
Dateigröße: 10.898 MB

10.00 bei 10 Bewertungen

Did you ever want or a dream about garage with save function? well now you have a chance !!
Garage have three parking spot, three cars can be saved.
You have office,carlift and you can enjoy 24/7 now.
GTA is my passion,my world and i am glad to share my mods with you!!

►►So all what you need to know about garage and her possibilities watch my video on right.
(Map icon,save spots for 3 cars and etc)

►► How to Install is in readme text in file document.
p.s. didnt test on pirate version of game so i dont know if will work it.

►ScriptHookV -Latest
►ScriptHookVDotNet -Latest
►NativeUI -Latest
►.NET Framework 4.5.2
►Visual C++ 2015

► If you garage wont load with game see for other version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2008,2013 and etc on google.

Bugs and problems:
► never save your game close to garage, otherwise garage wont load correctly with game (thats new bug and i will try fix it)
► this mod is incompatible with "single player garage" mod and "open all interiors"

NOTE: Uploading my mods anywhere without my persmission will cause ban and deleting your account on any website where i find my mod.
For youtubers if you will make video please make a link to this page,thank you

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GarageV [Add-On Prop] 1.1

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