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GTA V German Sirens 1.4.0

Autor: NeulandInternet
Datum: 12.12.2016
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Dateigröße: 16.079 MB

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Hey guys, this is my german siren pack I wanted to show you.
It covers every emergency vehicle.

Police - Hänsch 620 Stadt/Land + Yelp
Sheriff2 - Hella RTK7 Stadt/Land
FIB - Hänsch 624
Ambulance - E-Pressluft + Hänsch 620 Land
Firetruck - Pressluft
Police Bike - Hänsch 520 Stadt

Thanks to Chris Chris for making a (german) review of my mod! I heartly appreciate his criticism!
Feel free to check out his channel, even though he is pretty unknown he makes awesome videos!

There are more (low quality) showcases on my YouTube-channel:

Installation (You need OpenIV):
1. Go to mods\x64\audio\sfx\RESIDENT.rpf\
2. Right-click vehicles.awc and choose "export to Open Formats (.OFT)."
3. In your new vehicles folder you have to drag and drop the files and replace the old ones.
4. Now click on new and choose "import Open Formats file."
5. Choose your vehicles.oac. When it has been imported you're done!

Feel free to post your opinions in the comments.
This is my first modification I publish, so please don't be too hard.
If you also made or want to make a review, feel free to add it to the file!
Thank you :D

Changelog 1.4.0
- new arrangement of sirens
- better airhorn hi-lo for the firetruck
- better Police Bike secondary siren

Changelog 1.3 New Improved Police sounds (better quality)
New Police bike sound

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GTA V German Sirens 1.4.0

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