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Chaos Traffic - Free Way - Update

Autor: T-Mind
Datum: 20.11.2016
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my old choas traffic mod with some fixes and a new feature "Rechtsfahrgebot":
- vehicles in front of you leave the road to the left side of the street.

press J to start the mod, repeat pressing J to switch between the features.

new feature:

1 - vehicles leave the left line -> don't overtake on the right!
In Germany we have a law "Rechtsfahrgebot", if you don't overtake you have to drive on the right side very important on the Autobahn, that means also that its prohibited to overtake on the right side. Make your experience ;)
( okay, all vehicles will leave the side, brcause: WE need this side :D )

known old features:

2 - peds don't follow any traffic rules

3 - all vehicles drive the same speed - as fast as you.

4 - all vehicles speed up to the max

5 - just see it

I do not will fix any glitches & collisions issues, because i like that freaky show.:p


scripthook must be installed
put the chaos_traffic_2.0.dll and chaos_traffic.ini in your script folder in the gta root.

you can change the key in the *.ini file
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Chaos Traffic - Free Way - Update

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