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Simple and Effective Dithering 1.0

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Datum: 06.10.2016
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Hello there!....

Probably a lot of GTA V players have experienced this disgusting and annoying artifact, called "Banding".

Banding is when colours represented in computer graphics are not following a smoother transition between tonalities, including games, resulting in ugly and contrasting color strips, instead of one soft, eye-candy gradient.

-Here some examples in-game:

Basically, it is caused because the lack of a dithering feature, which, sadly, was not implemented by Rockstar in the game. and it alyaws have been present, since Xbox 360 - PS3 versions. Some users might try increasing their monitor brightness, but that is not a real fix, and all the environment and surrounding objects are affected.

You can say: "But dude, SweetFX already has a dithering feature!" Yes, but it does not reduce gradient banding, it prevents the game from creating additional artifacts, and it´s not very efficient, sometimes it works, but most of the times it has no visible effect. However, i recommend to use both at the same time, SweetFX + my mod.

This little enhancement will fix the 99.9% of the banding issues in the game, injecting a considerable amount of grainy dithering, but unfortunately, still cannot kep the image quality at 100 percent(because noise).



-Fixed color banding in dark areas, nightfall-night time, and during foggy, smog, snow and blizzard weathers.


For some strange reason, the quality of the screenshots is greatly decreased, even those captured with Rockstar Editor, but in game banding will be totally unnoticeable.



-With Open IV, go to: ****/******/**********/******/****/*********/***************, extract to some random location, open with any text editor and search this line:

Instructions are inside the ReadMe...


I decided to just include a readme, because editing the file is extremely easy, just a few lines must be added, and since many users have graphic mods installed, replacing the file will make them to lose their custom graphic mods :)

Your eyes will be eternally grateful!

Mod created by LanGonCer9807

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Simple and Effective Dithering 1.0
Simple and Effective Dithering 1.0 Simple and Effective Dithering 1.0 Simple and Effective Dithering 1.0 Simple and Effective Dithering 1.0 Simple and Effective Dithering 1.0

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