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Uber Ride / Personal Driver / Chauffeur

Autor: ashishcw | Email
Datum: 29.09.2016
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Hello Everybody,

I here, present to you all, my FIRST MOD for GTA V. As the title reads, this is Uber Ride / Personal Driver / Chauffeur mod. This mod will allocate you a designated and dedicated driver along with a vehicle, you choose.

What this means is, now the vehicle and the driver you choose, will be available throughout your current game-play session. So no, matter, if you have spawned your car and driver at Vespucci Beach in the first place, but now you want your driver to pick you from Airport. No problem, just hit the option to Re-call your driver and he will be there in no time to pick you up. :)

There are plenty of features in progress I am hoping to release them soon. Kindly refer below WIP section for the upcoming features, and most likely I will be adding them soon to the newer versions.


Choose your Wheel - For the first time, in Driver Mod, the script allows you to choose, a vehicle from different sets. Do mind, Vehicles will cost you the money.

Choose your Chauffeur / Personal Driver - Now, choose one from set of peds as your designated driver, since, each will be carrying different sets of driving skills, and it will cost you a bit.

Support all land-based vehicles.

Realism - This mod will add the realistic feel to your game-play, as both Driver and Car you choose, will now cost you the money.

One Dedicated Driver & Car - One dedicated driver and the car you choose, so no random cars with random drivers. This offers realistic feeling as if you are hiring a car in real-life. You can confirm this by the vehicles number plate. Once, you have spawned a new ride, roam around with it, and the get off the car, do your mission or whatever, and then re-call the driver, the same driver will be on your location come driving & NOT SPAWNING then check the cars number-plate. :)



Extract PersonalDriver.dll to your GTA V/Scripts folder.



Legal copy of GTA V


C - To open the menu
Arrow keys - Navigate through options
Enter - To make the selection
Backspace - To return to the previous menu/exit from menu
H - To enter the spawned car as passenger.
F - To exit the car

P.S. If possible, first navigate your character to the passenger side and then hit H key, to avoid uncertain issues.
P.P.S. Kindly note, if Way-point is set, it will automatically pick up the way-point, else it will just cruise around.


Known Issues

1. Sometimes, player character, freezes, even upon pressing the correct keybinding and unable to enter the vehicle

2. Driver Doesn't enter the car sometimes - (Workaround) Once driver is spawned, and he doesn't enter the car, don't worry, just press your assigned keybinding to enter the car as passenger, and he will take his driver position once you are in the car

3.If you hit, refresh way-point without setting the way point, the driver will cruise around

4. If you spawn a new driver without dismissing the earlier one, will cause, 2 and more blips on the screen. In order to avoid it, I would suggest you to dismiss the first ride and then call for second one. :)

All feedback/suggestions are very welcome.


Big thanks to:

@Alexander Blade - Father of ScripthookV

@LeeC2202 - The guy who helped me like anything, All the queries he answered in a flash and This work of mine am dedicating to you my friend

@Eddlm - I started learning my basics from the source code of his idle-animation so Big thank you for that. A very busy man but who managed some time to guide me with his vast knowledge on scripting. His bodyguards mod inspired me a-lot.

@Cyron43 - One of the few modders here, I really appreciate whose work, in-fact, his VAutodrive inspired me to make a dedicated driver mod of which I had given him a suggestion few days back

@yeahhmonkey - My other friend who have tested my scripts and helped me with fixing the bugs a bit

@GTAVModder4Life - For his great tutorials

@Rockstars - For making this amazing masterpiece GTA V.

Everybody else who helped me

Mod developers :

Me - ashishcw aka YCSM


Work In Progress(WIP)

More Cars to be added with different categories. E.g. Sports, SUV, Heavy, Sedans, Hatchbacks etc.

More Peds as driver options to be added with different categories. E.g. Security, Police, Bodybuilder, Celebrities etc.

Bodyguards to Hire - This feature will be for you to choose along with your states, Different sets of Bodyguards will have different sets of weapons and skills and af-course the cost will be varied.

Option to set selected Radio Station as your favorite.

More to explore. :)


Version History

Version 1.0
Single Unique Car and Driver without Pricing function

Version 1.1(Major Release)
-Added INI Support for configurable Keys
-Pricing Functionality added for realism(Car and driver will now cost 10,000 in total)
-if you wish, you can disable the same function from INI file
-other minor bug fixes
-script will now very likely to crash, had to add different logic and methods to it.

Version 1.2(Major Release)

-Configurable Price - Now you decide, how much do you wish to pay.

-Select your ride - configure this option in INI file and the given car now can be your ride(Only default vehicle supported currently, I will be adding add-ons soon.)

-Distance Calculator Added - It will calculate the distance between you and the ride you called

-Updated Menu & Font Style

-Driver-Blip Added Now you will be able to track your ride, when you re-call it, and where it goes once you are off.

-Refresh Way-point Logic Added now, at any given point in time, if you wish to change, refresh your way-point, you can do it and then just simply hit this Refresh Way-point option from the menu.

-Dismiss the Driver option Added

- Whole new logic to make Driver to Drive to most accurate location

Current Version 1.2.1(Minor Release)
------------Minor Release in version 1.2.1---------------
Menu options are now dependent on each other. This means, script is now very less likely to crash.
Changed the Blip/Icon name to driver(By Default, it was Enemy) :P
Other Bug fixes, and this release is more stable than Version 1.2


What to expect in the next release?

Other and multiple Vehicle Types, including the custom and add-on vehicles
Escorting Feature

Stay Tuned :)

P.S. Some of the features may take some more time, as coding them in different variation is challenging task, besides, But will still try to get it implemented ASAP. :)

Source-code will soon be available on pastebin Will be adding in couple of days

P.S. Please do consider, this is my first mod, so number of bugs/issues are likely to occur. I still have tried my best fix as many as I can. But running short on time due to job and all. :(
I do thank you all for your co-operation and patience. :)

If you like it leave it a thumbs up.

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Uber Ride / Personal Driver / Chauffeur
Uber Ride / Personal Driver / Chauffeur Uber Ride / Personal Driver / Chauffeur

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