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Carpet Bomber

Autor: CamxxCore
Datum: 05.05.2016
Downloads: 3995
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Carpet Bomber is a new script that allows you to use carpet bombs in any aircraft just like in the air trafficking mission.

You can switch to a custom view and drop bombs on any areas of Los Santos. You can toggle the bomb bay on the Cuban 800 or any custom vehicle that has bomb bay doors like on the Cuban (i.e. in SkylineGTRFreak's upcoming F-22 Raptor mod). At this point the script officially supports the Cuban and Lazer. It very well may work with other planes but they aren't officially supported yet. Please let me know if there is a plane you would like to see added!

This is still very beta so you may find bugs.
Please report any you find in the comments!!

Full source code hosted here:

Enjoy! :)

Added cinematic camera modeMore changes to bomb orientation to fix some problemsMinor fixes
Added aim assist feature to help in hitting targets accurately.You can now drop an unlimited amount of bombs, without the previous ones disappearing.Added autopilot feature. The plane will fly itself while using the bomb bay camera.Bombs now drop in a horizontal position, more like the real thing.Other fixes and improvements.

Support for titan hydra and velumGamepad control for bomb bay camera changed to pad up

Fixed a sound bug causing the sound of the bombs dropping to loop continuouslyFixed bug causing a crash when the player would enter helicopters etc.
Add support for gamepad (see control layout below)Plane will enter "auto- pilot mode" while using the bombing camera if a waypoint is set on the minimapBombs make much larger explosionsFixed problem causing bombs to fall infinitely when dropped from too highOther bug fixes
First public release

Keyboard -

1 (Select Unarmed) - Switch to bombing view
2 (Select Melee) - Open bomb bay doors (if supported)
Space (Attack) - Start bombing

Gamepad -

Pad Down - Switch to bombing view
Right Stick - Open bomb bay doors (if supported)
A Button - Start bombing

-- Prerequisites --
ScriptHookV -
ScriptHookVDotNet -

-- Installation --
Create a folder called "scripts" in the main folder where GTA is installed
Place GTAV_CarpetBomber.dll in the folder

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Carpet Bomber
Carpet Bomber Carpet Bomber

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